Will You Ever Get Married? Delay or Denial of Marriage in Astrology!!

Not getting the Right Match, divorce of marriage, or breaking of engagement are a few common difficulties in a marriage that are faced by many people. In Astrology, the 7th house is one of the most influential houses for the marriage and it is better known as the partner’s house. Also, the strength of the 7th Lord, as well as the 7th house, is astrology is pretty important for a timely & happy marriage. Apart from that, the eighth house is the house of obstacles & delays.

Usually, Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, and the 8th Lord generate Late Marriage Yoga in Horoscope. In our society, the importance of marriage can’t be ignored in an astrological manner. Usually, marriage particularly after the age of 32 for boys, and 30 for girls is termed as late marriage in today’s scenario.

Combination for Late Marriage in Astrology:

At the time of considering different astrological combinations in order to figure out the perfect marriage age, the lord of the 7th house, 7th house, significator of the 7th house, and their relationship with lord Jupiter & Saturn can be considered into account.

Astrological Combination that can cause Delay in Marriage:

  • The presence of a retrograde 7th Lord can cause further delay in your marriage.
  • Saturn aspects Venus & either the Sun or Moon.
  • In the case of women, the presence of Sun & Mars, and in the case of men, the presence of Moon & Venus with inauspicious planets can result in a delay in marriage.
  • In case Saturn as well as Sun are located in the Lagna, with the Lagna Lord/Lagna being sandwiched between Sun & Saturn, or in case Saturn & Sun are conjunct in the seventh house, then this thing can lead to a complete denial of marriage or significant delays.
  • The 8th house is called as the House of Delay. Therefore, any connection between the 7th Lord, 8th Lord, or the 8th house can cause delays with many problems in getting married.
  • A delay in marriage can occur in case the 7th Lord is located in the 8th house or in case the 8th Lord & 7th lord are conjunct.
  • The aspect of Planet Saturn on the seventh house or the Lord of the seventh house can lead to a delay in marriage in astrology.
  • Planet Venus is usually a natural significator of marriage. Hence, its conjunction, the aspect of Saturn on Venus, and its mutual aspect, are yet another reasons for a delay in marriage in astrology.
  • The presence of retrograde planets in your 7th house or the aspect of a retrograde planet in your 7th house can generate Yoga for the late marriage.
  • In case Venus is debilitated or retrograde, then it can further cause a delay in your marriage.
  • The association of Rahu & Venus in the Ascendant, or the seventh house can cause a delay in marriage.
  • Mighty Rahu in the 7th/9th house, usually aspected by the malefic planets, can result in the denial of marriage.
  • In case the Lord of the 8th/6th house occupies the 7th house or any constellation related to 7th house Lord, then it can generate yoga for the delay in marriage.
  • In case Moon & Venus join the 7th house, and are afflicted by Mars & Saturn, and if the Jupiter simultaneously aspects either Moon, Venus, or Saturn and Mars, then this indicates late marriage.
  • In case the 1st Lord is present in the 7th house, then it can make an individual extremely independent and less interested in marriage, so further delay in marriage.
  • The placement of Saturn as well as Moon in the 7th house or their mutual aspect can generate combinations for the late marriage. This yoga is better known as “Punarphoo Dosha” and this becomes more prominent when Saturn or Moon is linked to your 7th house.
  • In case the 7th house or 7th Lord is sandwiched between two malefic planets, then this will generate Papakartari yoga, thus resulting in a delay in marriage in astrology.
  • In case the 2nd house is severely afflicted by inauspicious planets and also the Lord of your 2nd house is retrograde, occupying the 12th house, or if the second house is aspected by the retrograde planets or joined by the retrograde planets, then it can cause delayed marriage.
  • In cases where the Lagna, Venus, the 7th house, as well as the Lord of the 7th house fall in fixed signs, then delays are possible in marriage. If it is signifying “Papakartari Yoga” then it can cause more and more delays.

Denial or No Marriage in Astrology

When the Astrological Combinations related to Denial of Marriage are very high, then it can provide an indication of no Marriage. For Denial of Marriage, Combinations related to Late Marriage for more than 4 to 5 places can be there. Also, if there is no beneficial influence on 7th house or 7th Lord then it will create a yoga of Denial of Marriage.

Cancellation of Delay or Denial of Marriage in Astrology

A delay or denial of Marriage indicated in your chart will be cancelled or neutralized in case Jupiter as well as Saturn both occupy the seventh house, and both of these planets own 5th or 7th house.

Remedies for overcoming Delay or Denial in Marriage

When it comes to Vedic Astrology, then one can perform a few remedies in order to reduce the Delay or remove the denial of Your Marriage.

  • Keeping the Fast for 16 consecutive Mondays for girls will help your proposals to get accepted.
  • Strengthening or propitiating the 7th Lord will help you a lot.
  • Chanting Gauri-Shankar Mantra will be useful. The mantra is:

“Hey gauri shankra ardhangini yatha tawam shanker priya, Tatha ma kuru kalyani kanta kantam sudur labham“

  • Feed Green-Grass or Spinach to the Cow on a regular basis.
  • On Friday, Donating white or silk clothing to the women will help you significantly.
  • If you have the presence of Saturn or Ketu in the 7th house, then Worshipping them with the Mantras can also be a good remedy to consider.
  • Also, worshipping the God of the related house Planet is very helpful.