Saturn Retrogrades in Aquarius on 17th June- What This Means for You? 

In Vedic astrology, Saturn, often referred to as “Shani,” reigns as one of the celestial powerhouses. While typically associated with the malefic qualities, its influence encompasses both positive as well as negative aspects.

Now, Saturn begins its transition into Aquarius, its very own sign, commencing a retrograde motion that will happen precisely at 10:48 pm on June 17th, 2023. This retrograde motion signifies a time of profound introspection with reflection. During the Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius, individuals may encounter obstacles, delays, and trials. Patience and perseverance become invaluable allies as we navigate these challenges. The period of Saturn’s retrograde motion in Aquarius will persist until 8:26 am on November 4th, 2023, offering relief from Saturn’s challenging influence.

What Retrogrades Mean for All of Us? Is there anything to fear?

While retrogrades may appear as a step backward on our life’s journey, they serve as vital components of our forward progress. These celestial phenomena tell us to pause, encouraging introspection as well as contemplation. Saturn’s Retrograde grants us the gift of reflection, fostering invaluable insight, self-awareness, and the necessary space to assimilate the actions we have already taken. While the retrograde aspect of Saturn is generally seen as unfavourable, individuals with Saturn in retrograde within their horoscope often experience favourable outcomes with significant progress.

So, rather than fearing Saturn’s retrograde as disruptions, we can welcome the same as an opportunity for growth & transformation. This will provide the precious gift of time with a chance to integrate our experiences, realign our intentions, and recalibrate our actions.

Importance of Saturn’s Retrograded Motion

As a slow-moving planet, Saturn takes around 29.5 years to finish its revolution around the Sun. Saturn governs the sign of Capricorn and holds influence over the 3rd, 7th, and 10th houses, in addition to its placement in the birth chart.  Saturn retrograde is a regular celestial phenomenon that occurs approximately once every 12 months, lasting for about 4½ months, and spanning 6 or 7 degrees of the sign. Known as the Lord of Karma, Saturn brings forth a double dose of karma during its retrograde motion.

This is What Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius Means for all the Individuals:


During this period, Aries natives may find themselves faced with the need to exert extra effort and dedicate additional time to your work. It’s important to be prepared for the possibility of feeling surprised or even frustrated by the increased workload. Saturn’s intention is to test your resilience and determination. For the business owners Saturn in their sign brings opportunities to revive previously halted projects or ventures. This renewed momentum can contribute to the expansion and growth of their businesses. However, it is important to be mindful of the potential strain on romantic relationships. Exercise caution in communication and actions, ensuring that you do not inadvertently hurt your partner’s feelings.

Remedy: Aries natives can consider donating black sesame seeds on Saturdays


As Saturn begins its retrograde journey in Aquarius, Taurus natives will experience its impact in the 10th house of their horoscope. This period may bring a surge of work responsibilities and deadlines, creating a sense of rush and pressure. Additionally, tensions may arise in relation to foreign trips or dealings. During this retrograde phase, it is advisable for Taurus individuals to refrain from considering job changes. It is better to remain in your current position until Saturn emerges from its retrograde motion and becomes direct. It is important to prioritize the well-being of your parents and maintain harmonious relationships.

Remedy: As a remedial measure during this time, Taurus natives can consider lighting a mustard oil lamp under the Peepal tree on Saturday evenings.


During the Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius, Gemini natives may experience a slight delay in receiving blessings & fortune. Saturn will deliver what it had intended for you in its previous transit, so if you maintain a steady pace in your actions, extended journeys can bring you gains during this period.

Opportunities for international travel may arise during this Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius. Your financial situation is likely to improve, and there may be possibilities for job transfers. This transit will be financially beneficial and may encourage you to enter into long-term contracts that bring lasting prosperity. However, it is important to monitor your father’s health as it may become more complicated, causing concern.

Remedy: Recite Shani Chalisa every Saturday.


The upcoming Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius will occur in the eighth house of Cancer natives, showcasing a few challenges & potential risks. It is crucial for you to proceed with caution during this period. Avoid making any new investments as they may carry increased risks. Prioritize your health and ensure that you take proper care of yourself, as neglecting your well-being during Saturn’s retrograde motion could lead to serious health issues.

If you are facing difficulties in your professional life and not achieving the desired outcomes, continue to work diligently and persevere. Trust in your abilities and remain committed to your work. Business ventures may experience improvements during this transit.

Remedy: Cancer natives can regularly feed four ants.


The impact of the Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius will be felt in the 7th house for Leo natives, bringing both opportunities as well as challenges. Business transactions will yield profits during this transit, and your postponed plans will regain momentum. Tasks that were left unfinished due to various reasons will now see completion, contributing to the growth of your business. Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius also advises you to address family issues and work towards resolving them. During travels, take extra care of your well-being as there may be some discomfort. Stay vigilant of your opponents’ tactics to avoid unnecessary complications. It is advisable to refrain from lending or borrowing money during this period.

Remedy: Consider donating black Urad (black lentils) on Saturdays.


The Saturn retrograde in Aquarius will influence the sixth house of your horoscope. Take proactive measures to improve your well-being, as even a minor oversight can lead to significant problems. Paying attention to your physical and mental health is of utmost importance. Financially, be cautious of speculative markets and refrain from unnecessary risks. If you have already invested in the stock market, this period may bring favourable returns. Show love and care to your family members and be mindful of your behavior towards them. Practice caution while driving, as accidents may be more likely during this period. Maintain a balanced diet, opt for easily digestible foods, and avoid consuming alcohol. On the financial front, you will succeed in repaying previous loans, bringing a sense of relief.

Remedy: Feed fish regularly.


For the natives born in Libra, the retrograde position of Saturn in Aquarius may introduce some challenges in your love relationships. Understanding your partner might become difficult, leading to increased misunderstandings and a lack of maturity in the relationship. Disharmony may arise, requiring special efforts to overcome. However, for unmarried individuals, love can flourish in their married life, fostering a deeper connection and closeness.

Financially, time will be on your side, and seeking new employment in the future years will prove beneficial. This period also holds the potential for marriage, offering a good chance for those seeking a life partner. Students may encounter challenges in their educational pursuits, requiring perseverance and determination.

Remedy: Perform Rudrabhishek on Saturdays.


The Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius will affect the fourth house of Scorpio natives, leading to potential disruptions in family life. It is crucial to pay attention to the health of your family members during this period, particularly that of your mother. You may consider acquiring new property during this time.

In the professional sphere, favourable circumstances will work in your favour, allowing you to diligently complete tasks and elevate your position at work. Business ventures will bring opportunities for profit and growth. Married couples may face relationship challenges due to family-related influences, but mutual understanding will help overcome difficulties.

Remedy: Recite the Bajrang Baan on Saturdays.


The Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius brings auspicious & unexpected news for Sagittarius natives. Surprising outcomes await you in multiple areas, exceeding your expectations. Your colleagues will offer full support in your field of work, enabling you to advance your position. Spending quality time with friends will bring joy and strengthen your relationships, ultimately contributing to success in your business and professional endeavours. This period opens opportunities for short trips, but ensure they are auspicious and planned wisely. Your luck will favour you, enabling completion of stalled tasks. Students will excel academically by dedicating themselves to focused study.

Remedy: Chanting the Shani Mantra during this period can help mitigate any malefic effects of Saturn’s retrograde motion.


During the Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius, Capricorn natives will experience its effects in their 2nd house. It is crucial to exercise caution with your words during this period in order to avoid offending others or damaging relationships. This applies to both personal as well as professional interactions. However, on the economic front, this transit brings positive outcomes. You will start saving money, leading to an increase in your bank balance. Take special care of your partner’s health as they may face health issues. This period also holds potential for favourable developments in love affairs. If you have been waiting for the right person or someone from the past, there is a possibility of their return.

Remedy: Regularly recite the Shree Gajendra Moksha Strota.


As an Aquarius native, you will experience the main impact of the Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius since it occurs in your own zodiac’s 1st house. This period may be mentally exhausting, and it might take time for you to fully grasp the problems at hand. Making timely judgments might prove challenging, and critical decisions may seem beyond your control. During this time, lend a helping hand to the youngest members of your family and foster strong cooperation with your siblings. This will strengthen your bond, fostering love and trust. While there may be some friction in your marriage, displaying maturity and understanding can help prevent difficulties.

Remedy:  Reciting the Shree Ram Stotra is the best for Aquarius natives.


For Pisces natives, the Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius will occur in the 12th house, leading to an increase in foreign travel opportunities. While your expenses may also rise during this period, but this will prove beneficial to you. If you have plans to travel abroad, it would be wise to allocate funds for it as successful journeys are indicated. Individuals engaged in regular business activities may face financial constraints and require additional capital investment. While obtaining a loan may be challenging during the Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius 2023, it is important to exercise caution to avoid excessive borrowing, as repayment difficulties may arise.

Remedies: Offering water to the Peepal tree on Saturdays & Circumambulation of the same 7 times can be helpful.