Symptoms of Ghost Pain & Upper Obstruction: Astrological Remedies against Evil Spirits!!

Most of the time, in order to get rid of their issues and also to further reduce the sufferings through different measures, people often implement various methods like take off cloves, lemons, food, etc. and throw the same at the crossroad or intersection. After that, the person who first falls on these objects mainly gets affected by the same because of certain energies involved in it.

Ghost Spirits as well as objects placed above a person in order to alleviate upper obstacles are frequently located at these intersections or crossroads. Occasionally, knowingly or unknowingly, an individual may stumble upon these placed objects at the crossroads or inadvertently cross them, which leads to the feeling of illness or discomfort.

Supernatural Activities in Our Life!!

People who dismiss or disbelief these phenomena as mere superstitions often find themselves encountered with their reality. Sometimes, these superstitions encompass a broad range of experiences, like encounters with demons, ghosts, evil spirits, Oopri hawaa, or paranormal activities. Regardless of what you consider to call these phenomena, the real truth remains the truth. The ability of one being ready to enter another is just a common occurrence, and it is better known in sorcery. But, when a deceased entity enters any living body & compels them to engage in any abnormal behaviour, then this is often referred to as a bad or evil spirit. This sort of possession occurs only when the soul of any living individual is weakened. Incidents like encounters with ghosts typically manifest in the lives of those people whose souls are vulnerable.

Ghosts are active at this time of the night!

As per astrology, the moon is mainly known as the god of mind & the moon is not so visible at the time of new moon day, so in this kind of scenario, the light of the moon doesn’t fall on the earth & in case of moon’s absence, all the negative energies like ghosts, vampires, together with the people trapped in black magic, and even Rajasic &d Tamasic people are more affected. So, during this time, incidents like being charged by ghosts or suicide are also in big numbers, especially at night due to night of Amavasya is like a golden opportunity for all the negative energies to cause suffering to the human beings. Here, people who are pretty emotional are the individuals who have the most impact on this.

Upper Dizziness (Oopri Hawa)

Upper dizziness or Oopri Hawa is mainly identified by different distinct symptoms. These include an unwarranted sense of abnormal mood swings, frequent heaviness in the head, mental distress, a persistent feeling of weakness, often reddened eyes, restlessness , erratic changes in appetite ranging from excessive to minimal, as well as aimless movements resembling madness, inexplicable fatigue, startle responses during sleep or sudden awakenings, witnessing strange visions with objects even while awake, constant feelings of fear & anxiety, and an aversion to encountering vibrations or snake-like patterns. When people experience these physical & psychological disturbances at specific times without apparent cause, these manifestations collectively point to the presence of Oopri hawa or upper dizziness.

Occurrence Supernatural Activities From Astrological Point of View

  • Sun’s Presence in Birth Chart

Astrology offers better insights into the presence of any ghost or evil spirit through the deep analysis of individuals’ Birth-Chart. In order to begin identification, the position of the Sun in the Kundli is pretty crucial, as this represents the soul’s essence. In case the Sun appears weak in your birth chart, then this can indicate a lack of self-confidence as well as irrational fears. In this situation, decision-making becomes quite challenging for such individuals. But, the Sun’s position alone doesn’t deliver a whole picture.

  • Ketu’s Mighty Powers

Ketu, which is a celestial body with a mysterious power, plays a significant role in identification of ghost or spirit in this context. Mostly, Ketu tends to stir chaos if it resides in the birth-chart as this mighty planet governs secret powers, as well as paranormal phenomena like evil spirits, and this thing is associated with the concept of “Oopari kasar.” Also, Ketu embodies mantras and tantras, and often associated with the unseen & the mystical. Those influenced by mighty Ketu often keep their feelings & experiences hidden as this thing makes it really challenging to interact with those individuals and pleasing such individuals can be a daunting task.

In case Ketu is situated in the 1st house of the birth chart, there is a likelihood of linking “Oopri Hawa” or different other paranormal entities. Here, if the Sun is weak, then individual may be susceptible to evil spirit influences. When Ketu’s Mahadasha coincides with its placement in Birth Chart or the 7th house, obstacles can escalate into some of the significant problems. However, the presence of auspicious planets can mitigate these effects, but at the absence of them, one may face issues that could affect their finances, well-being and overall life circumstances.

If Ketu is positioned in the 7th house, it could potentially impact individual’s spouse, thus making them susceptible to encounters with evil spirits. While the influence of any auspicious planets may lessen the effects, whole eradication may not be feasible. Also, signs of malefic influences may include the “evil eye”, excessive medical expenditures, frequent illnesses, recurrent ailments, & susceptibility to minor injuries. While not everyone may experience these phenomena, people with unfavourable planetary alignments should exercise caution.

Effects of Ghosts Pain or Oopri Badha (Upper Dizziness):

  • The victim can hurt themselves along with their family members.
  • Individuals become a threat to other people. 
  • Individuals affected with Oppri Badha affected badly mentally and they may lose their mental balance entirely.
  • Gradually, natives start to showcase unusual and strange behaviour with out of control behaviour.
  • They become devoid of hunger & thirst.
  • Sometimes they may become extremely powerful & violent with sudden screaming.
  • They become harsh in their voice or affects their breathing ability.
  • Gradually start falling sick in different manners.

Prevention or Remedies to Perform:

There are few things which can protect us from the Ghosts, Evil Spirit, or Oopri hawaa:

  • If your Sun is weak and having a presence of Ketu in Birth Chart, then avoid using scented or aromatic things.
  • Avoid visiting places where a premature death had happened.
  • Light Guggal & dhoop every day in your home.
  • Give a part of your meal to dog
  • Neither urinate on isolated place nor show your body to anybody.
  • Worship Lord Hanumaan or if possible apply a tilak of Sindoor from the Lord Hanumaan’s foot.
  • To avoid safety from invisible obstacles, always take care that you don’t leave your house alone by drinking milk or eating kheer during night.
  • Don’t spit under peepal, banyan & tamarind trees also don’t litter in any other way.
  • Avoid falling or passing over objects at Crossroads.
  • In case you have bad dreams, then you should sleep with a pillow on your head.
  • Don’t stay in solitude nor go out with perfume at night.
  • If you are going to crematorium for some reason, then go out & chew neem leaves.
  • For availing protection, offer Lord Hanuman a chola on Tuesday as well as apply Sindoor Bindi.
  • Without telling the victim, keep a matchbox, a knife, & Hanuman Chalisa over their bedhead.
  • Victim should wear a garland of Rudraksha or keep peacock feathers in bedroom with clear visibility.
  • Don’t open the hanging jute-knot of banyan tree.
  • Also, stay away from the signs or objects of tantric experiments.
  • In case a monk, tantric, and sanyasi gives any betel cloves, nut, cardamom etc. to eat, then don’t take it, and instead throw it in flowing water.