5 astrological aspects to be seen  before second marriage

Nobody wants its marriage to be failed. But some adverse situations and tough astrological aspects can cause a person to undergo the breakage of marriage. But unfortunately if you have lost your life partner and want to marry again, you should pay attention over some astrological aspect regarding the second partner. It will help you to have a good bonding and happy relationships with your second spouse.

Placement of Venus and mars

Venus is the lord of love and harmony while Mars is known as the factor of passion and drive in love life. So you should check in your and partner’s horoscope whether the placement of Venus and Mars is good enough to strengthen the bond between you. If Venus or Mars is not placed properly in your or your partner’s horoscope to support your marriage, you can meet an astrologer for remedies and solutions.

Aspects of the Sun and the Moon

Venus and Mars are the two primary and immediate planets to bring compatibility between you and your partner but the Sun and the Moon also play important role in your personal life. Lord Sun, if not placed in its good condition or is affected from another cruel planet like Saturn, Rahu etc. can cause ego problems while Lord Moon leads emotions. An adverse situation of Moon can make a person rude or over sensitive which is not good for the personal life. So don’t forget to check placements in the birth chart and current situation of these two planets.

Saturn and Rahu

Saturn again comes in the picture as it is already known for being responsible for the major bad events of the life. Sometimes, it’s inappropriate placement or transition causes divorce. As it is generally affiliated with commitment and responsibility, you cannot ignore watching its proper situation in the horoscope for predicting your partner’s loyalty towards you.

On the other hand, Rahu is causes misunderstanding and hallucinations. So, if Rahu is weak in your horoscope and gives negative result, it can create misconception, misunderstanding and even breakup with your partner. 

Transitions and current placement

Are you marrying at the right time or when should you marry for the marriage to be fruitful? These questions can be answered by looking into the transitions and current placement of planets in the horoscope.  That’s why some astrologers look at the current positions of celestial bodies (transits) and how they interact with a person’s natal chart to gain insights into significant life events.

Vastu Dosh

Although, it’s a lesser considered factor for being responsible for divorce but it may really cause the problem.  If you are living in the direction or space at your home which is not suitable for your marriage; it may cause divorce and breakup. Moreover, if you are expecting to remarry, don’t forget to check whether you have any vastu dosh in your home. 

However, it is not important always that the adversities of the seventh house or unfavorable condition of Venus or mars only will cause divorce. Sometimes, some other factors are also responsible which can indirectly cause the marriage to be broken for instance, egoistic nature of a person due to adverse effect of the Sun, solitary life conditions created due to situation of Rahu in the first house and lack of relief and happiness caused due to unfavorable planetary aspects in the fourth house.



Conditions causing a person to be a widow / widower

There are a few situations in the natal chart which adversely affect the marriage even unfortunately; the person can become a widow/widower. The majorly known circumstances which give clue in the birth chart that one might undergo the sorrow of the spouse’ death  are manglik dosh in the horoscope, nadi dosh, adverse affect of cruel planets on the seventh house in someone’s horoscope etc. here are the important points to check before remarriage –

Compatibility of Moon sign  –

Many people start by comparing their own Moon signs with their potential partner’s to get a sense of basic compatibility. However, this is a very simplified approach, as astrological compatibility involves a more complex analysis of the entire birth chart. On the other hand, the Moon sign represents emotions, instincts, and the subconscious. It can provide insights into how emotionally compatible two people are. A harmonious Moon sign connection can indicate emotional compatibility.

Situation of Venus and Mars –

Love and attraction are the factors leaded by Venus and Mars represents passion and drive. So its important to check the situation and affect of both of these planets in the individuals’ horoscope to determine the bonding after marriage. These two planets are also responsible for romantic compatibility of both the partners.

Seventh house

According to Vedic Astrology, Seventh house is the most important house in the natal chart to be seen for marriage related questions. Get this house analyzed well and condition of the planets situated here should be studied deeply to know the dynamics of relationship.

Synastry Chart

To get a more detailed understanding of the compatibility between two people, astrologers often create a synastry chart, which overlays one person’s birth chart onto the other’s. This chart can highlight areas of connection and potential challenges.

So, these are some common yet the most important astrological reasons to cause failure of a marriage. There can be many other reasons too like incompatibility of the partners due to mismatch of moon signs, ascendants’ nature and stars of the birth. For accurate solution and remedy of these problems, it’s better to get your horoscope checked by a professional astrologer in detail and catch the major problem(s) related to the seventh house and Venus planet.

Almost every dosh of the horoscope can be resolved by proper solutions and remedies. So you need not to worry if you have any such problem in your horoscope. Some problems of your horoscopes can be simply resolved by finding the compatible partner whose horoscope can neutralize the adverse affect of planetary position in your horoscope.