Astrological predictions regarding lending money and not getting back

Astrological predictions regarding lending money and not getting back

In the modern time, people need to take loans from their friends and relatives for one thing or another. Being in a close touch of any person, we sometimes find ourselves unable to deny for giving the loan but problem starts when the person who has taken money is not giving the money back and making various excuses.

Are you also undergoing mental stress due to giving money to someone and not getting back? Or you are feeling regression for giving your money to your friend who is not returning the money on time when you need your money and stuck in some financial congestion.

Astrology definitely shows in your birth chart about your condition in lending money. Well, here are some astrological aspects and predictions which can be checked in your horoscope and determine whether and how your money will be received back –

Predictions according to birth chart

The sixth and the eighth house

The two most important houses in the birth chart are the sixth house and the eighth house. People who have these two houses weak in the birth chart for instance, if any weak planet is situated in these house or their lords are situated in the weak condition in the birth chart or being seen by a cruel planet, the person should avoid the thought of lending money. It can cause them the loss of money given as loan.

The eleventh and the twelfth house

Another important thing to see in the birth chart is the eleventh house and the twelfth house. Eleventh house in the horoscope is called as the house of income while twelfth house is known as the house of expenses. If your twelfth house is weaker than the eleventh house, you should avoid giving loan as your money can go in vein. Check whether the twelfth house or its ruler is being seen or ruled by a cruel planet. If yes, forget to give loan.

Situation of the second house lord

Second house in the horoscope is known as the house of money and savings. If you are giving loan from your savings, you need to see your second house before that. Your savings may sink if you have a weak second house and you are giving your money as loan to someone.

Condition of Mars

Mars is an important planet in your birth chart and needs to be given attention if you are planning to give your money as loan. Actually, mars are known as the planet responsible for giving and taking loan. So, if you lend money to someone and you don’t have a strong condition of Mars in the birth chart, your money may be lost as loan. So, check the condition of Mars well.

Condition of Venus

You should not lend your money to anyone if you have Venus in Taurus or Libra moonsign in your birth chart. If you do so, your prosperity and wealth will go away as giving loan displeases Goddess Lakshmi. So check your horoscope well before giving your money as loan. Despite giving money as loan, you can help your friend by buying the thing to them which is required by them or by paying the amount directly on their behalf for which purpose they needed loan and you can take the money back from your friend in currency form only.

Rahu’s Mahadasha or Antardasha

The most dangerous astrological perception when one should not lend money is Rahu’s Mahadasha or Antardasha. This is the time when even your close friends can betray you, misguide you and conditions can be lead to misconception and misunderstanding. Its better to avoid taking and giving money during this period otherwise you will undergo great financial loss.

Ketu’s Mahadasha or Antardasha

Ketu takes people away from selfishness and make them uninterested towards luxury and enjoyment. Thus, its possible that they wont possess interest in money too so one should avoid giving loan to anyone during Ketu’s Mahadasha or Antardasha.  This makes them reluctant to ask for their money back due to the influence of Ketu.

Days when you should not lend money

Following five days are forbidden according to vedic astrology for lending money –


Wednesday is ruled by planet mercury which is known as the planet of instability of decisions. It affects the decision making power of the person and also, can lead to betraying, telling lie and fake emotions. So, you should avoid giving money to someone on Wednesday as it can lead your money to sink.


Thursday is the day of Lord Jupiter who is known as the Lord of your prosperity and maturity. Giving money to someone on Thursday means you are giving your prosperity. So, avoid to lend your money to someone who doesn’t belong to your own family otherwise there is least chance of getting your money back.


Friday is ruled by the Goddess Lakshmi who is known as the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. One should avoid lending money on this auspicious day as it may lead the goddess Lakshmi to anger and affect your financial condition adversely. Also, the person will be attached with the money given by you so much that he/she will not be thinking about returning your money.


Saturday is day of Saturn which is known as a cruel planet. The person lending money on this day can suffer due to betrayal of the borrower. Especially if you have weak Saturn in your birth chart, you should forbid the idea of lending your money on this day.


Sunday is also not known as the suitable day for lending money because Sun is an aggressive and dominating planet. It will not support you too much to get your money back especially if it is also weak in your horoscope. So it will be safer side for you to avoid giving money to your friend.

According to the above mentioned information, there are only two days in a week when you can lend money and expect to get it back; Monday and Tuesday.

Monday is known to be the day of moon which is known as a protector like mother in the vedic astrology while Tuesday is ruled by Mars, the planet who also rules the matter of lending and borrowing money. So, you can choose any of these days if in any condition you have to lend money.

Never lend money if your moon sign is any of following 6 moonsigns–


Being emotional and every generous by nature, these people often find it hard to deny people for lending money. Also, once after lending money, these people are not able to get their money back because they feel hesitated for asking their money. They get disappointed after knowing about their friends or relative is postponing the idea of giving their money back. So, you should be very careful while lending money. Try your best to refuse people when they ask loan from you because it will be almost net to impossible for you to get the money back. The astrological advice for you is to keep your love and emotions for your acquaintances away when they ask for money. Do things papermade if you have to lend money somehow.


A geminian can hardly get the lent money back because they are show much courtesy towards their friends. Always dedicated and available for their acquaintances, it is hard for them to avoid their friends’ financial need and they lend money to them. But getting the money back becomes harder because they don’t demand their money back due to hesitation. You should avoid being embarrassed of asking your own money because it will cause your financial condition to suffer.


Sagittarians have the fear of losing their lent money. They will collect dare to ask about their lent money to their friends 2-4 times but if don’t get back, they stop asking about their money as it may lead to a dispute. Things get turned into an argument and the friendship can come to end. Thus you should avoid lending your money. Even, if you lend money on Thursday, the chance of losing the money increases.


Librans are known for keeping balance in their life but due to their emotional approach towards people. Thus, you should be careful before transacting your money to someone you can’t ask your money from.


For their mature and serious attitude, Aquarians generally don’t lend money to anyone. But when they give loan to someone, it’s not easy for them to get the money back because they are not very good in asking their money back. You can prefer getting the loan matters paper done if it is really very important to give money to someone.


Pisces people feel hesitated to ask their money. Being full of sentiments and emotional, they find it hard to get their money back from their friends. The thought of asking their money back takes them deep into over-thinking and affect their budget too. So, they are advised to be thoughtful and smart before lending money.