Factors Responsible for Frequent Breakups in YourHoroscope with Rebound Success Chances!

When you love someone, it is the best feeling in the world, but after some time things don’t work out the way they should and tiny things cause conflicts, miscommunications, battles, and subsequently breakups. All of a sudden two lovers are parted. Don’t you feel like you are broken & exposed? You find yourself questioning, “Why did this thing happen to me?” after a sudden breakup. Here, astrology says that you are not always to blame for a breakup that occurs between two people you love. Most of the time, a minor event causes a relationship to end by shifting the location of a planet or constellation in your horoscope.

So, let’s try to learn why relationship breakup happens on the basis of astrology:- Are you Facing Frequent Breakups? Time to Know The Reason!

In case your astrological chart indicates a trend of repeated breakups, it might point to specific personality qualities or relationship dynamics that could be causing the breakups to happen one after the other. It can imply that in order to resolve these habits as well as enhance upcoming relationships, more introspection & personal development are needed. Many relationship issues may also be caused by other elements in the chart, such as problematic planetary aspects or placements in the 7th house of partnerships. So, understanding what can lead to a horoscope breakup will be a good idea.

Houses Impacting Love Marriage
• 5th House: In the Birth Chart, the 5th house is a love house and governs a person’s sentiments & emotions.
• 7th House: One’s sexual desire is entirely influenced by this house of marriage, which is associated with the love hormone.
• 12th House: Relationships as well as outside matters are related to 12th house, and they raise the likelihood of a love marriage.
House Which Influences Love Breakup in Your Horoscope
• 6th House: The primary house affecting breakups in relationships is the 6th house.
• 8th House: A sudden breakdown in love is totally influenced by 8th house as well.
• Fourth house: The home that brought the breakup with a partner is 4th house.
• 10th House: Losing a lover is also an outcome of this house.

Different Planets Associated with the Impact in Love Marriage:

1. Moon: On the basis of breakup astrology, Mars is the husband’s influencing planet and Mars affects the sensual mood of a native.
2. Venus: The planet of wives that is Venus, is also connected towards the native’s sexual harmony.
3. Mercury: As the planet of friendship, Mercury can play a major role in relationship astrology.
Different Planets Which May Impact Love Breakup in Your Horoscope
1. Ketu: This planet is the primary source of blame for the broken hearts.
2. Rahu: This planet is somewhat responsible for generating misunderstandings in relationships.
3. Sun: This planet is chiefly in charge of ego in relationships, which causes frequent breakups.
Further Astrological Combinations Responsible For a Frequent Breakup There can be relatively many reasons you might tell your friends when you talk about ‘My love breakup’. Be it an ego clash, violence in a relationship, misunderstandings, loyalty issues or non-acceptance of love by family members – these cause a lot of distress. But is it only either of the individual’s characteristics provoking these? The answer is ‘No’. So let us learn about the Love Breakup Astrological Combination causing separations as per breakup astrology.
• It is the sign of presence of Mercury in combination with Ketu, in case the native is experiencing repeated breakups or instability in a relationship.
• When the combination of the 5th as well as 7th house is linked to the lord of the 6th or 8th house, a disagreement-based breakup occurs.
• In case a Rahu is placed in the 4th house then it will cause a native’s first relationship to end.
• When Venus & Mars align, and in case Ketu enters the 5th or 7th house concurrently, you should anticipate searching for “how to end your relationship or how to do break-up.”
• When Mars & Venus align with Rahu & Moon in the 5th or 7th house of the birth chart, then this combination might lead to miscommunications between you and your partner.
• When the Sun aligns with Venus and Mars, particularly in the 1st, 5th, 7th, or 11th house, this may further lead to ego confrontations.
• A romantic-breakup is brought on by the planets Venus, Mars, Ketu, & Mercury converging.
• When Rahu, Mars, & Venus are conjunct in a person’s birth-chart, miscommunications or betrayals of trust may occur.
Astrology can Also Predict Your Breakup Time Everything, including breakups, occurs at the scheduled time and in this way natives can predict romantic breakups when:
• Ketu travels to an inner Mercury trine.
• Rahu moves to the natural Moon.
• The natal Sun is positioned in the above configuration.
• Rahu or Ketu passes across the Sun intrinsically
• Saturn passes in front of the natal Sun
• The conjunction of homes 5th, 7th, 8th, and 12th, or the houses 4th, 7th, 6th, and 12th.

In this Situation, How to Rebound?
A rebound or resurgent relationship is the one that develops rapidly following the dissolution of a committed, long-term love partnership. Those who suffered a breakup are more likely to be in a rebound relationship. Rebound connections go through distinct stages and the individual who ended the relationship initially tried to hold onto all the emotions they had in that prior committed partnership. But, the real issue is that getting back on your feet after a breakup is never easy. While some women view rebounds as an unnecessary step in the healing process, others find the concept repulsive. It is not necessary for a rebound girl or boy to fit your stereotype.
Astrologically talking, some signs are destined to be united forever, while others ought to make every effort to stay apart entirely. So, what can be the best thing to do astrologically to rebound after a breakup? On the basis of your sign, you can ideally locate your preferred rebound partner.
So, here is the list of signs who can be your next partner while on the rebound:
• Scorpio & Aries are the ideal rebound couple due to their firing elements.
• When their heart is still a little broken, a Taurus usually needs a Pisces.
• Virgo is the ideal companion while Gemini signs are rebounding.
• Scorpio, while feeling down can go out with a Libra sign.
• A rebound relationship with a Leo sign would be ideal for the Virgo natives.
• Leo signs find that a Taurus is the ideal partner for a rebound relationship.
• The best relationship is between a rebounding Libra as well as a Sagittarius sign.
• Aquarius indications make a good comeback for Cancer signs.
• Aquarius & Gemini might have a healing relationship on the rebound.
• Rebounding with an Aries can be ideal for a Sagittarius seeking a fun, casual relationship without any commitments.
• Pisces can rebound with a Capricorn.
• Capricorn signs & Cancer signs are excellent rebound partners.
It is a good idea to Consult with an experienced astrologer in a detailer manner and find out the possible remedies to say good bye to recurring breakups in your love life.