From the First Day of Navratri to the Night of Diwali, various Aghori Tantric Practices Take Place, Know what all happens in this?

The Hindu festival of Navaratri honours the goddess Durga and all of her incarnations. In order to better their lives as well as effect good change during this beautiful 9-day celebration, many individuals use the Tantra mantra and Vashikaran techniques. According to many Tantra scriptures, tantric activities are most effective on certain days, such as Navaratri, Dussehra, and Diwali.  It is thought that the goddess Durga is especially receptive to the energy of pure devotion with spiritual practice during Navaratri, making it a potent period for all such practices.

The day of Diwali, on the other hand, is likewise celebrated as a celebration of prosperity and wealth, but it also has special significance in terms of Tantra Sadhana. The new moon’s nocturnal period is also known by the names Mahanisha, Kalratri, Divyarajni, and Mahakrishna. Throughout this night, many tantric and Aghori powers channel energies. In particular, the night of tantric scriptures is thought to have special power during Diwali.

While Diwali is a time when Goddess Lakshmi is revered by everyone, Aghoris, far from urban areas, participate in tantric ceremonies on the cremation grounds. This particular night holds significant anticipation throughout the year. Aghoris dedicate themselves to the worship of Mahakali during the Amavasya night. It is during this period that they summon demonic forces and achieve tantric feats through their rituals. Diwali transcends mere religious worship and festive fireworks; it also encompasses the performance of tantric practices. Ahead of Diwali, tantrics actively seek out apprentices, willing to offer their parents large sums of money to have the apprentice under their guidance for one night.

Aghori Tantra Can Transform a Beautiful Dream Into a Reality

The nights of Navratri and especially Diwali in Kashi’s Manikarnika Ghat can intimidate anyone. Among the large number of practitioners & Tantrics, they bathe in blood. Amidst burning funeral pyres, some perform the ritual of corpse meditation, standing on one foot. Kashi is a city where Lord Mahadev himself resides as the great cremator on the cremation grounds. A similar sight can be seen in the city of Mahakal, Ujjain, as well as in some regions of Jamshedpur, Bengal, and Jharkhand.

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Why do practitioners engage in Tantra Sadhana?

In simple terms, ‘Tantra’ is associated with the physical body, ‘Mantra’ pertains to the mind, and on the other hand ‘Yantra’ signifies any device or object. Tantric rituals are performed during the Nights of Navratri and Diwali in order to gain control over these three elements.

Beliefs surrounding magic, sorcery, as well as different traditional rituals date back to the Rigvedic period. During Navratri and up-until the end of Diwali, people remain vigilant in various places. Elderly women in households often resort to domestic Tona-Totka methods to ensure the family stays clear of various obstacles. On the night of Diwali, numerous tantriks engage in diversified Tantra practices. They employ various Tantra-mantras in order to overcome adversaries, foster domestic harmony, appease Goddess Lakshmi, as well as eliminate life’s hurdles. It is believed that on the auspicious occasion of Diwali, Goddess Lakshmi, accompanied by her sister Daridra, visits different areas. In households that maintain cleanliness & hygiene, Mother Lakshmi blesses, while in those that don’t, poverty finds its haven.

The Importance of Aghori Tantras at this Time!

Aghori Tantra practice is pursued with the aim of attaining various powers as outlined in Tantra Shastra. These powers include the accomplishment of tasks like hypnotism, Baglamukhi-Sadhana, and stupefaction. These powers can be utilized to win legal cases, overcome adversaries, and even sometimes exercise control over individuals. During the Diwali Night, practitioners well-versed in Tantra-Mantra are involved in these practices. Through the practice of corpse meditation, practitioners tap into the spiritual realm’s energies and utilize them to achieve their objectives. This process involves the practitioner sitting atop the corpse, meditating throughout the night. This practice is deemed so potent that if successfully mastered, a tantric can potentially bring about ruin for anyone. As per experts, the practice of corpse meditation involves the bathing and purification of the corpse. Subsequently, as part of a specific tantric procedure, a small aperture is created in the corpse’s head, and sacrificial materials are introduced. Following this, the corpse is positioned at the designated site for the practice, and the practitioner performs various actions, including paying homage to the guru, acknowledging the Aghoris, saluting specific directions, as well as sealing and sanctifying the practice location.

Why to Stay Safe During This Time?

As per the religious scriptures, Tantra Sadhana is one such important practice and not deemed suitable in the Puranas, Vedas, as well as Shastras. It is a kind of sentiment which is expressed in the Holy Rama-Charitmanas too. Taking part in or executing such practices is considered to be in conflict with religious principles, as well as those who do so will face the consequences. People leading a domestic life are advised to stay away from such practices. It is believed that if an uninformed individual engages in this Sadhana, the corpse may even take their life.

Remedies to Stay Safe During this Time:

Maintain a Positive Environment: You should maintain a harmonious environment within your house by the help of fostering good relationships as well as promoting a sense of peace.

Perform Cleansing Rituals: Regularly perform cleansing rituals such as smudging with herbs like sage or making use of purifying incense in order to generate a positive atmosphere and remove negative energies.

Spiritual Protection:  It is advised to engage in regular spiritual practices like chanting sacred mantras, and meditation, as well as offering prayers to God to establish a protective spiritual shield around your house and yourself.

Safeguarding Personal Belongings: You should keep all your personal belongings secure, especially during Diwali and Navratri, to prevent any unauthorized use of items for Aghori Tantra practices.

Seeking Guidance: Consult with the spiritual leaders, professionals or trusted advisors in case you suspect any negative spiritual influences specific to your beliefs and practices.