Grahan Dosha-Know Impacts & Remedies!

Grahan Dosha-Know Impacts & Remedies!

Have you ever felt like your life is not going the way you desire, no matter how hard or how many things you try? It’s possible that you could be facing a Grahan Dosh. This term refers to malefic planetary positions that can cast a shadow over your entire life. Your birth chart’s Moon, Sun, as well as lunar nodes Rahu & Ketu play a significant role in terms of deciding whether you have a Grahan Dosha or not in your Kundli. Grahan Dosh can manifests in varieties of forms, ranging from the minor inconveniences to significant roadblocks that seem to obstruct your progress & happiness at every turn. But, there’s no need to feel panic, as every problem has a solution.

What Exactly a Grahan Dosha Is?

The term “Grahan” is rooted from the Sanskrit word “Grahanam,” that mainly refers to “Eclipse.” Also, in Vedic astrology, “Grahan Dosh” refers to the adverse effects of eclipses on an individual’s life. It is determined by the effective positioning of the Sun in case of Surya Grahan and the Moon in case of Chandra Grahan in an individual’s Kundli, thus shedding light on its potential impact. Eclipses occur during when the shadow planets, Ketu, and Rahu closely align with either the Moon or the Sun.

This celestial phenomenon of Rahu & Ketu with the luminaries occurs at different times and at the same time exerts distinct influences on all the people. When an individual is born at the time of Rahu & Ketu both closely accompanying the Sun, then this results in specific effects. Conversely, when Rahu and Ketu are in close proximity to the Moon during the birth time, then their influences manifest in a different manner. All these interactions take place within the specific houses of the Kundli, thus shaping the unique astrological aspects of each and every individual.

Different Sorts of Grahan Dosha:

In Vedic astrology, mainly there exist four primary categories of Grahan Dosh, each with a capability of exerting a negative influence on an individual’s life. In order to gain insight into the astrological phenomena as well as their correlation with your personalized Kundli is the starting stride towards mitigating the symptoms linked with Grahan Dosha.

Purna Chandra Grahan Dosh or Full Lunar Eclipse Dosh: Chandra-Rahu Grahan Dosh or simply Purna Chandra-Grahan Dosh emerges at the time of conjoining of Moon and Rahu. This dosh is linked with full lunar eclipses & tends to bring forth Chandra dosha symptoms. The symptoms here encompass sleep disturbances, inability to focus, as well as challenges within relationships.

Purna Surya Grahan Dosh or a full Solar Eclipse Dosh: Occurs at the time when the Sun & Rahu come together within an individual’s Kundli, this gives rise to Purna Surya Grahan Dosh. This particular dosh mainly aligns with the occurrence of a full Solar eclipse when the sun is fully concealed by the moon. The symptoms linked with this particular dosh encompass problems associated to authority figures, a pervasive lack of confidence, as well as struggles with self-esteem.

Partial Chandra Grahan Dosh or Partial Lunar Eclipse Dosh: The conjunction of Moon & Ketu generates rise to a Partial Chandra-Grahan Dosh, or simply Chandra-Ketu Grahan Dosh. This dosh occurs at the time of moon’s partial obscured during an eclipse. The symptoms linked with this dosh mainly involve heightened anxiety, restlessness, as well as a lack of mental tranquillity.

Partial Surya Grahan Dosh or Partial Solar Eclipse Dosh: Partial Surya-Grahan Dosh, better known as Surya-Ketu Dosh, occurs when the Sun & Ketu unite in an individual’s horoscope. This corresponds to instances where only a small portion of sun is obscured during an eclipse. The showcase of this dosh often translates to a lack of feelings of solitude or isolation, peace of mind, as well as physical ailments associated to digestive disruptions or hormonal imbalances.

How to Determine Whether you have Grahan Dosh or not?

These are the possible signals of Grahan Dosh (Either linked with Sun or Moon) in your birth chart:

  • The ascendant lord or a moon is eclipsed.
  • Eclipses occurring in the 1st, 5th, 7th, 8th or 12th houses of your Kundli.
  • The eclipse is conjoined by malefic planets like Mars Saturn, or Rahu.
  • The eclipse causes the generation of malefic Yogas like Pitru Dosha, Kalasarpa Dosha, etc.

Different Effects of Grahan Dosha in Your Kundli from Astrological Point of View:

The side effects of Grahan Dosh are many, casting a shadow over different facets of one’s life. It is very essential to remain vigilant as well as recognize the symptoms associated with Surya Grahan Dosh or Chandra Dosha.

These are the effects showcasing common negative influences linked with any of the Grahan Dosha:

Marital Delays & Post-Marriage Conflicts: Grahan Dosh can showcase various challenges for those individuals seeking marriage. If you are having significant presence of Grahan Dosh in your birth chart, then you may encounter different obstacles with delays in terms of determining a suitable life partner. Even after the completion of your desire to get married, misunderstandings, conflicts, and compatibility problems may persist within the couple.

Uncertain Career Trajectory & Workplace Stress: The presence of Grahan-Dosh (Either Surya or Chandra) can disrupt an individual’s career path, thus resulting in job instability, an increased workload, and limited growth opportunities, so leading to workplace stress. Also, getting desired promotions or salary hikes may become very problematic. The persistent influence of Grahan-Dosh can fill your life with frustration and anxiety in your working environment.

Reputation Erosion & Feelings of Isolation: The malefic effects of Grahan Dosh can lead to a decline in your social status, a diminishing reputation, as well as loss of prestige. Along with this, feelings of loneliness, isolation, and inadequate support from your friends and family can take hold. This can result in a sense of social-isolation with a loss of respect within society.

Serious Health Issues: The planetary alignments linked with Grahan Dosh can make individuals more susceptible to certain health problems like high or low blood pressure, digestive disorders, heart disease, insomnia, depression, and at last chronic ailments affecting your eyes and bones. Managing longstanding health concerns may prove difficult, with lasting & unresolved health problems.

Business Failures and Debt Accumulation: All the Individuals who are involved in business may experience venture failures, losses, as well as accumulation of debt because of Grahan Dosh. Efforts might not yield the desired returns, as well as business growth may stagnate. Apart from that, here, excessive expenses & loans can become ongoing burdens, and all the business partnerships may prove challenging.

What Remedies to Implement For the Purpose of Removing Grahan Dosha From Your Kundli or Birth Chart?

In order to improve your situation, if you are effected from any Grahan Dosh in your birth-chart or kundli, you need to implement different solutions & measures.

These are the effective remedies you can perform in order to reduce all the negative impacts & simply strengthen positive influences of eclipses in your birth-chart or Kundli:

  1. Daan or Donation

Giving Daan or donating items to the needy ones or less fortunate holds higher importance in Astrology. You can also donate items associated to different planets involved in the eclipse. In case of solar eclipse, you can donate items like red lentils, wheat, Ruby, Gold, or Copper on Sundays. Apar from that in case of Lunar Eclipse, donate items such as rice, white lentils, or Silver on Mondays.

  1. Fasting

Doing a fast at the time of eclipses help people reduce malefic effects. For the Surya Grahan, you can observe a full or partial fast and for Chandra Grahan, consume curd, milk, or fruit only. Fasting, when done with pure devotion and faith, assists people strengthen planets as well as nullify the negative impacts of eclipses.

  1. Mantra Chanting

In this case, chanting mantras associated with the planets in the eclipse is one of the most effective remedies. For Solar or Surya eclipse, chant mantras of the Sun like “Om Suryaya Namah”. For Lunar eclipse, chant moon mantras like “Om Chandraya Namah”. You need to chant these mantras around 108 times at the time of eclipse period to strengthen beneficial effects.

  1. Pujas and Havans 

Sun is ruled by Lord Vishnu, while Moon is ruled by Lord Shiva, so at the time of any of two eclipses, performing pujas and havans in the name of respective lords, becomes more prominent. This will definitely assist the natives further reduce the negative effect of the eclipses.

  1. Gemstones

Last, but not the least wearing gemstones can assist people strengthen impacted planets. In case of Surya Grahan Dosh, you can wear Ruby and in case of Chandra Grahan Dosh, you can wear a Pearl. But, gemstones should be worn only after taking assistance or an expert advice of professionals in regards to suitability and method in order to avoid the energy of Grahan dosha in kundli

Other Powerful remedies Specific to Surya or Chandra Grahan are:

For Surya Grahan:

  • Respect Your Teachers and Elders
  • Offer water to the lord sun every single day.
  • Offer red cloth to any unmarried girl.
  • Don’t take salt on Sundays.
  • Chant Aditya Hridaya Strota daily.
  • Chant Maha Mrityunjay Mantra daily.
  • Pray to Lord Shiva & Lord Hanuman.

For Chandra Grahan:

  • Donate white cloth to any unmarried girl.
  • Donate white food recipes on Mondays.
  • Offer kheer to the needy girls.
  • Do Chanting of Gayatri Mantra.
  • Perform Chanting of Mrityunjay Mantra.
  • Do fast on full moon days & also deliver water to the moon.
  • Offer water to a Shivaling on every Monday.

Grahan Dosha can negatively impact your life whether it is personal or professional, and has so much importance in Vedic Astrology. So, by implementing different remedies or performing effective solutions one can get some positive news in regards to Grahan Dosha and it will further reduce the adverse effects of Grahan Dosha in Your Kundali or Birth Chart.