Frequently falling Sick? Astrology can Suggest You Reasons and Remedies for the Chronic Diseases!!

A horoscope can be helpful to forecast your health and also highlights some of the best ways to get optimum results. In modern days, more and more diseases are affecting our bodies. In case you and your loved one are suffering from any long-lasting or chronic disease then this soon became a prime reason for the anxiety or mental stress. Astrology can help you to treat a few common as well as chronic diseases.

What Makes a Person Fall Sick, Each and Every Time?

The reason behind long-term illness can be your negative karma from your past lives. In case your central planet is weak, then this resembles susceptibility to illness in terms of reduction in immunity. Also, if Shani & Moon conjunct in your horoscope (Vish Yoga) or Rahu & Moon conjunct or Mercury is highly influenced by mighty Rahu, then people will easily infect by negativity in the air or by other individuals. Apart from that, a negative Moon, Shani, Rahu, Kethu or Venus can generate illness and also makes you perform things like drinking excess alcohol, wrong eating habits, etc. If you need to avoid this, then you need to follow different remedies astrologically.

Houses Responsible For Long Term Sickness or Chronic Disease:

11th House: This House usually gives rise to chronic diseases. If you are facing any long-term disease then probably it is ruled by the Lord of the 11th house.

8th House: This House is purely responsible for the longevity or lifespan of an individual. Chronic diseases, come under this category and a weak 8th house can bring surgery, anxiety, and different other issues.

Here are some Chronic Diseases and Related Astrological Remedies to Consider:

  1. The Link between Anaemia & Astrology:

Common symptoms associated with this disease include pale skin, fatigue, weakness, tiredness, and overall body dullness.

Astrological factors contributing to this disease are as follows:

If the Trikon (trine) houses in the birth chart are empty, there is a higher likelihood of developing this condition. Additionally, when the Sun and Saturn are afflicted and causing malefic effects, and there is damage to the digestive system, the chances of this disease manifesting increase.

Astrological remedies for this disease:

Wearing an iron kada, coral, or yellow sapphire as suggested in Vedic astrology. These remedies are believed to bring benefits and help prevent the disease.

  1. The Link between Allergy & Astrology:

Allergy is a prevalent disease worldwide, affecting a significant portion of the population. It seems that almost everyone has some form of allergy or sensitivity to certain substances. Allergies occur when a person repeatedly comes into contact with a specific allergen that triggers a reaction.

Astrological Reasons behind Allergy

According to astrology consultations, if the Moon, Jupiter, or Sun in an individual’s horoscope are afflicted by malefic influences, there is a higher likelihood of developing allergies to one or more elements. Additionally, even if the Moon is strong, but it is in conjunction with malefic planets like Saturn or Rahu, the person may also be prone to allergies.

Astrological remedies for allergies:

This involve a careful analysis and examination of the individual’s horoscope. Based on the findings, suitable gemstones can be recommended that align with the person’s life and help mitigate the allergic reactions.


  1. The Astrological Links to Polio:

Polio is a severe and debilitating disease that can have lifelong consequences for a child. A simple oversight during a child’s early years can significantly impact their entire life.

Reasons for Polio in Astrology:

In Vedic astrology, the Moon is associated with polio. It is believed that if the Moon is afflicted by Saturn or if it is aspected by three or four malefic planets, there is a high likelihood of polio in the individual’s horoscope.

Astrological remedies:

It is suggested to wear Neelam (blue sapphire) or Pukhraj (yellow sapphire) gemstones to protect the child from the risk of developing polio.


  1. The Link between Eczema & Astrology:

Eczema is a skin condition characterized by a burning sensation, constant itching, and the development of wounds on the skin surface due to irritation.

Reasons For Eczema in Astrology:

According to astrological beliefs, the presence of malefic and afflicted Mars in the native’s horoscope increases the likelihood of skin diseases, including eczema. Venus is considered to represent the skin in the body, and if it is severely afflicted by the presence of Mars and Jupiter, it can contribute to the development of eczema and other skin-related diseases.

Astrological remedies for eczema

This involve a thorough analysis and interpretation of the native’s horoscope to identify any potential future symptoms of skin diseases. Performing appropriate planetary propitiation rituals (greha shanti) and wearing recommended gemstones that align with the astrological placements of planets in the horoscope may be advised.


Generalized Remedies For well-Maintained Health:

  • Watch the Sun rise and Chant Gayatri Mantra on a daily basis.
  • Do Nadi shodhan, each and everyday
  • It is advised not to put a Jug full of water right in the middle of your house or on your dining table.
  • No Water should be spilled at the entrance of your house.
  • Begin “Garud puraan paath” or “Mahamrityunjaya Jap” or “sundarkaand paath”, or “gayatri” yagya or “druga saptashati” if you are facing illness from the long time.
  • Before sleeping don’t forget to take out trash from your kitchen
  • Keep the colour of the Main planet with your always.