The First Solar Eclipse of 2023- Will It Be a Blessing for You?

The First Solar Eclipse of 2023- Will It Be a Blessing for You?

Solar eclipses hold tremendous significance in the field of astronomy, and astrologers across the globe keep a vigilant watch on these events due to their remarkable impact on daily life. The exhilaration that surrounds a solar eclipse is palpable, with people eagerly awaiting to uncover its potential consequences and taking fantastical measures to prevent any negative outcomes.

When is the Solar Eclipse 2023?

First and foremost, it is important to note that the initial Solar Eclipse of 2023 will transpire on April 20, coinciding with the new moon day of the Vaishakh month. This eclipse holds added significance as it will take place in Aries as well as the Ashwini Nakshatra, meaning that those belonging to the Aries natives may experience a more pronounced impact. The eclipse is scheduled to occur on Thursday, April 20, 2023, with a start time of 7.04 a.m. & an end time of 12.29 p.m. as per the Hindu calendar. During the entire time Sutak will be there.

  • It will have a span of 5 hours and 24 minutes.
  • Will not be observable from India, so the Sutak period will be deemed invalid.
  • Individual natives of Aries, Cancer, Libra, & Capricorn may be particularly impacted by the 1st solar eclipse of 2023.
  • Neither of the solar eclipses occurring in 2023 will be visible in India, thus rendering the Sutak period irrelevant for both.

Is It a Boon or Blessing For You?

Individuals born under the sign of Aries will be most affected by this eclipse, while Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, and Capricorn natives may also experience negative effects. On the other hand, Sagittarius, Taurus, Gemini, and Pisces can expect favourable outcomes from this 1st solar eclipse of the year.

If you are among these individuals, then you need to be careful during the Solar Eclipse of 2023:

Aries: Individuals born under the sign of Aries should exercise extra caution during the upcoming solar eclipse as it occurs in their sign. This time could bring about many difficulties, both physical and mental, and may pose challenges in their job and business. It is advised to be mindful of these potential obstacles and take necessary precautions.

Leo: Individuals born under the sign of Leo, whose ruler is the Sun, may face unfavorable outcomes during the upcoming solar eclipse. Ongoing work may be negatively impacted, resulting in a range of difficulties. To mitigate potential harm, it is advised to remain composed and patient during this time.

Virgo: 3rd one to get affected during this solar eclipse and may face danger during the upcoming solar eclipse, as it falls in their eighth house. This increases the possibility of experiencing mental stress, disappointment, and failure in both business and the workplace. Working with patience during this time is highly recommended to manage any potential negative impact.

Suggestions For What to Do and What Not To Do During a Solar Eclipse:

The first ever solar eclipse of 2023 is scheduled to take place on the 20th of April. Although it may not be visible from our country, and it is expected to have an impact on many individuals. Several countries in the South Pacific region, such as the United States, Cambodia, China, Singapore, Thailand, Antarctica, Vietnam, and Australia may be able to witness the eclipse. The eclipse will occur in Aries and is anticipated to last from 7:00 AM to 12:29 PM IST. As it is not visible in India, so the Sutakkal associated with it is also not applicable. During a solar eclipse, religious rituals are usually not performed, and patients and pregnant women are advised to take extra precautions.

These are the precautions that can be taken in order to avoid the negative impact of Solar Eclipse:

  • Stay indoors as much as possible during the solar eclipse.
  • Never look directly at the solar eclipse without proper eye protection.
  • If you are pregnant, it is recommended to perform worship during this time, but avoid using any sharp or pointed objects.
  • Avoid engaging in unethical activities during the eclipse.
  • Do not prepare meals before the solar eclipse. Wait until it is over to cook, and purify your house afterwards.
  • If you have leftover food or water from before the eclipse, add Tulsi leaves to it to prevent any negative effects from the eclipse. This will ensure that it is safe to eat or drink

For those seeking happiness and prosperity during the upcoming Solar Eclipse of 2023, there are several remedies that may help:

  1. If you are struggling with debt, consider purchasing a lock one day before the eclipse and placing it where moonlight can fall on it all night. Then, donate the lock to a temple on the day of the eclipse. This act may help improve your financial situation and alleviate debt.
  2. Another remedy involves feeding sweet rice to a crow immediately after the eclipse to bring success into your life and strengthen the planet Rahu.
  3. Additionally, on the day of the eclipse, placing a piece of cardamom and clove in a red cloth, making five knots in it, and keeping it in your vault can help solve financial problems and bring blessings from Maa Lakshmi into your life.


Remedies For You to Consider:

  • Aries: The most effective solution for you is to worship Lord Shiva.
  • Taurus: Reciting the Vishnu Sahasranama could potentially be very beneficial for you.
  • Gemini: Reading the Shiv Panchakshar Stotra on a daily basis could be helpful for you as a remedy.
  • Cancer: The Gayatri Mantra might be an effective remedy for you if chanted regularly.
  • Leo: Reciting the Aditya Hriday Stotra could potentially be a helpful remedy for you.
  • Virgo: Chanting any mantra of Lord Vishnu could prove to be beneficial for you as a remedy.
  • Libra: Worshipping both Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati could potentially aid you as a remedy. You may also consider reading further about Libra.
  • Scorpio: To attain the maximum benefit, it is advised to recite the Hanuman Chalisa on a daily basis as a remedy.
  • Sagittarius: Reciting Raksha Stotra of Shri Ram can be beneficial.
  • Capricorn: Reciting Rudrabhishek to please Lord Shiva might yield positive results as a remedy.
  • Aquarius: It would be beneficial for you to worship Lord Hanumanji as a remedy.
  • Pisces: As a remedy, seek the blessings of Shri Lakshmi Narayan by worshipping and venerating them.