Tips for Avoiding Delay in Marriage – What to Do and What to Avoid

Tips for Avoiding Delay in Marriage – What to Do and What to Avoid

The English proverb “Marriages are made in Heaven” is believed to have originated from a French proverb from the sixteenth century which stated “les marriages se font au ciel”, meaning that good marriages have a divine element to them. This suggests that there is a spiritual love between the couple along with human love and emphasizes the importance of the institution of marriage. However, some social scholars argue against this proverb and question the existence of any invisible force controlling our actions, especially when there are instances of divorce, atrocities against women, and dowry-related crimes. According to Vedic traditions, marriages are a divine phenomenon, and human love has cosmic significance and an element of destiny to it. Despite this, some people joke that if marriages are made in heaven, then the post-marital experience can be hell on earth.

The literature on various aspects of marriage in Vedic Astrology is abundant. As per the Vedic wisdom, marriage holds significance both in worldly as well as spiritually oriented contexts. While it is predetermined, it can be partly understood through the lens of astrology. Vedic Astrology delves deep into all aspects of marriage, which is a significant milestone in life. The most crucial planet for females regarding marriage is Jupiter, while for males, it is Venus. Saturn plays a pivotal role in delaying marriage. However, determining the appropriate age for marriage and what constitutes late marriage is quite complex. In contemporary times, the priorities and ego related to the institution of marriage have changed. Other life factors have taken precedence over marriage.

Regrettably, marriages may face delays due to various factors. These factors include being career-oriented, pursuing higher education, fulfilling family responsibilities before getting married, being excessively selective, and searching for a better partner, among others. To avoid such delays, remedial measures need to be taken.

Astrological Combinations for Late Marriage

In addition to the seventh house, certain planets play a crucial role in causing delays in marriage. Among these, Venus is significant for males, while Jupiter is instrumental for females. Other planets are also essential based on their placement and energy.

The Seventh House, which is traditionally known as the House of Marriage, encompasses more than just holy matrimony. It includes all types of relationships such as romantic, friendships, and business partnerships, among others. If the Sun is placed in the 7th house, it can lead to a delay in marriage. Saturn is known for teaching life lessons. It teaches lessons in the house it sits in, rules or aspects, and hence one should wait till Saturn return. After Saturn’s return, the individual becomes mature and ready to make the right decisions. If Saturn sits in or aspects the 7th house, it can cause a delay in marriage, even if it is sitting with Jupiter or Venus. Venus is the planet of love and relationships. If Venus is conjunct with malefic planets like Saturn, Sun, and Ketu, or if Saturn aspects Venus, it can damage Venus’ energy and lead to a delay in marriage. If Venus is combust, debilitated, or retrograde, it can make it difficult for a person to make a decision, which can also cause a delay in marriage. Sun is the enemy of Venus, and if Venus is in the sign of Leo or sandwiched between malefic planets like Sun and Saturn, it can delay marriage due to their negative impact on Venus.

Jupiter, the planet of numerous important aspects of life, governs marriage, children, luck, wisdom, and higher knowledge. If Jupiter is debilitated, retrograde, or combust, it can cause delays in marriage and create disharmony in married life.

Mars, the planet of fighting, can create problems in married life if it is posited in the 7th house or aspects the 7th house. Individuals should marry later if Mars is in this position, preferably after the age of 28 when Mars’ energy gets matured.

The 2nd and 4th houses are considered as family houses. If malefic planets like Saturn, Ketu, and Moon with Ketu sit in the 2nd and 4th houses, it can delay marriage.

Rahu can cause unconventional marriage, and if it is in the 7th house, it can make the person obsessive. Hence, individuals should think thoroughly before getting married.

Ketu is the planet of detachment and disinterest in materialistic life. If Ketu is in the 7th house, the person may not be interested in marriage unless Jupiter or Venus aspects Ketu. In general, retrograde, combust, and debilitated planets in the 7th house can cause delays in marriage.

What Should Be Done in Order to Avoid Further Delay in Marriage?

  • In order to assist a young woman in beginning her married life, it is suggested that she observe a fast for 16th Mondays in a row & perform Jalabhishek by offering sacred-water to the Shivlinga. Additionally, she may choose to dress up as the Goddess Parvati and symbolically tie the knot between Parvati and Lord Shiva, while praying for a swift and successful marriage.
  • Another beneficial practice for individuals seeking matrimonial prospects is the recitation of the Gauri Shanker Mantra:

“Hey Gauri Shankar Ardhangini, Yatha Tawam Shanker Priya Tatha Ma Kuru Kalyani, Kantam Sudurlabham”

  • To overcome the delay in getting married, one can also perform the Tulasi marriage ceremony.
  • Certain temples in India are believed to have the power to expedite marriage if the devotees offer suitable offerings with faith and devotion.
  • In order to attract a suitable spouse without any delay, it is believed that lighting around 5 earthen lamps with oil as well as performing abhishek (sacred bathing) with the milk, turmeric powder etc. to Lord Ganapathi, who is seated under a Neem-tree, can be helpful. It is important to pray sincerely to the deity during this process.
  • Individuals between the ages of 25-30 are recommended to wear yellow clothes on Thursdays and offer milk and water to the Shivlinga every Monday morning. While doing so, they should recite the mantra “Om Parvatipataye Namah” up to 108 times. This practice should be done for at least nine consecutive Thursdays.
  • To facilitate the marriage of a girl, she may regularly feed green-grass or spinach (Palak) to a Cow.
  • A recommended practice for those seeking fulfillment of their wish is to recite the following Chaupai of Saint-Tulsidas almost 108 times daily until the desire is fulfilled. The Chaupai reads as follows: “Tab Janak pai vasishtha aayesu biyah saaj samvari key, Mandavi shrutkeerati Urmila kumari lai hankari key.”
  • To harness its potential benefits, one needs to obtain the root of a banana tree at the time of an auspicious Mahurat, and energize it through the worship. Afterward, it should be wrapped securely in a yellow cloth.
  • In the event of a girl’s marriage being delayed, it is suggested that she wear an Amber gemstone locket of Shivlinga on her chain, making it visible to others. This may assist in attracting a suitable person for marriage.
  • To invoke the blessings of Maha Gauri and ensure a happy married life, it is recommended to follow this ritual on a Thursday: Gather seven betel nuts, seven strands of sacred thread (janeu), seven knots of turmeric, seven pieces of jaggery, seven yellow flowers, seven pieces of brass, and a fistful of gram pulse. Wrap them in a yellow cloth and offer prayers to Maha Gauri before placing the packets in your home. After getting married, the packets should be floated in water.
  • Individuals afflicted with Rahu dosha can eliminate obstacles in their marriage by worshiping Goddess Durga.
  • To increase the likelihood of an early and fulfilling marriage, young women of marriageable age may consider reciting the following ancient mantra:

“Om katyayani mahabhage mahayoginy adhishvarim, Nand gop sutam devi patiam me kurute namah”

This powerful mantra is believed to invoke the blessings of Goddess Katyayani, who is revered as the deity of marriage and love. By reciting this mantra with devotion and sincerity, it is believed that one can attract the divine grace and blessings of the goddess, and thereby, increase the chances of finding a suitable life partner.

  • Visiting a Navagraha temple where deities are installed with their consorts can alleviate delays in getting married through worship.
  • It is believed that providing financial or other forms of assistance to those in need for their marriages can bring good karma and potentially assist in finding a suitable marriage partner for oneself.
  • Those between 31-35 years old are advised to plant a banana tree outside their home and avoid consuming salt on Thursdays. They should also chant “Om Brum Brhaspataye Namah” three times in front of a Vishnu idol.
  • A suggested remedy for girls to avoid delays in their marriage is to offer water to a Peepal tree every day for 43 days and light a pure ghee lamp there. It is important to note that this ritual should be avoided on the Sundays as well as at the time of menstrual periods.
  • A recommended remedy for both boys and girls experiencing a delay in their marriage is to mix a small amount of turmeric powder in their bathwater, followed by applying a saffron tilak (a sacred mark) on their forehead after bathing.
  • If a girl’s marriage is getting delayed, it is believed that making her wear new clothes at the time of marriage talks can be helpful.
  • For attracting effective marriage proposals for a girl, it is recommended to make her wear yellow clothes at the Thursdays as well as white clothes on the Fridays. If the clothes are new, it is even better. Doing this for four weeks can increase the likelihood of receiving suitable marriage proposals.
  • A recommended practice when marriage negotiations repeatedly break down at the final stages is to remove one’s shoes or slippers before entering the negotiation room.
  • Reading the verses of the Balkand related to the marriage of Shiva and Parvati in Ramcharit Manas on a daily basis can help fulfill the wish of early marriage.


What Should Be Avoided For the Further Delay in Marriage?

  • Before wearing any yantra, consult with an astrologer.
  • Maintain consistency in conducting pooja or reciting mantras for marriage at a fixed time.
  • Avoid any arguments with parents or elderly relatives.
  • Avoid having a kitchen in the North-east direction and eating in the drawing room.
  • Do not sleep on a metal cot.
  • Instead of a mirror, keep a good quality photograph of Shiva-Parvati together in your bedroom.
  • Boys of marriageable age should sleep in bedrooms facing North-East, while girls should face North-West.

These are some remedies that can help those who are seeking marriage. It is recommended that the marriage seeker performs these remedies themselves for best results. Choose the measures that are most convenient for you and make sure to spare some time to perform them with a positive attitude.