Saturn’s transit in Aquarius on 17 th January 2023; Effect on All Twelve Sunsigns

Saturn is known as the lord of justice in vedic astrology. The planet gives result of person’s
karma (deed). On 17 th January 2023, Saturn is transiting in aquarius from Capricorn at 5.04 pm
and will remain in Aquarius this entire year. This will cause beginning of saturn’s sadesati for
people of Pisces. This transition of Saturn may bring good news for entrepreneurs. Let’s see
what effects Saturn’s transit will leave on all twelve sunsigns –

Saturn’s transit in aquarius will give good financial results for aries. Actually, Saturn being the
lord of the eleventh house of horoscope will transit in eleventh house only which will help aries
to get good income. You will be able to bring your confidence back. Take care of your health
and work on your pending planning as it may be fulfilled this year.

Saturn will transit in the tenth house of the horoscope of people having Taurus sunsign. It will
bring unexpected victory to them. Whether you talk about career or income, you will be
successful. Your business will grow with new planning and you can extend your business unit.
You will pay attention over your personal life too and will put your efforts to solve the problems
related to your relationship.

Saturn will transit in the ninth house of your horoscope and you will get rid of the 2.5 years
tough period of saturns ‘dhaiya’. You can have a breath of relief now. The transit of Saturn may
bring opportunity of long distance journey which will bring success to you. But you may feel
tired due to these journeys so you should take care of yourself. There are chances of transfer in
the job. Also, the saturn’s transit will affect relation with your father and his health may get
deteriorate. You will get chance of making your own fortune with your hardwork so don’t miss
this chance.

Saturn will transit in the eighth house of your horoscope. You will face the problems due to
saturns ‘dhaiya’ on your horoscope this year. This will cause mental stress and work pressure but you can handle this situation with your wisdom. Up-downs in relationship can also be seen.

Students need to work very hard in studies. You may feel switching your job for a better opportunity too. You will think deeply in important matters and can take big decisions.

Saturn will transit in the seventh house of your horoscope. You may become very strict and
disciplined in your marital relationship but you should avoid this as it may leave bad effects on
your relationship. Your partner will support you and you both can together start a new business.
Chances of journeys related to work and with your spouse are there. You need to stay away from being very busy and avoid carelessness otherwise it can result in deterioration of your health.
Construction in house and increase in domestic expenditure can arise.

Saturn will transit in the sixth house of your horoscope making you strong to beat your
competitors and enemies. Avoid taking loans and try to get rid of previous loans. You will try
hard to strengthen your condition. Take care of maintaining harmony with siblings and friends.
The year is favorable for growth in career.

Saturn will transit in the fifth house of your horoscope and you will get rid of the effect of saturn’s ‘dhaiya’. You will feel stress-free but transit of Saturn will test your relationship this
year. If you are true and loyal towards your beloved, your relationship will become more
beautiful. Students will face challenge and they need to prepare time table for study. Bachelors
may get their perfect match and can tie knot with their beloved. Chances of increasing income
and fulfillment of your wishes are there.

Saturn will transit in the fourth house of your horoscope and you may go away from your family.
Your residence can change and you can be seen emotional. You can plan buying a house and
applying for loan to buy the property. You will be successful but do enough legal verifications
and investigations about the property before purchasing. Your mother’s health may be affected
this year so take care of her. Saturn’s transit is good for your success in career.

Saturn will transit in the third house of your horoscope. Saturn’s ‘sadhesati’ (tough period of
seven and a half year) will be completed and you will be successful to complete whatever work
you want. Your relatives, friends, family members and neighbours etc; everyone will help you.
Colleagues and acquaintances will support you and your business will achieve new growth. You
will also become very passionate in your relationship. Long and short distance journeys can

Saturn will transit in the second house of your horoscope. This year third phase of Saturn’s
‘sadhesati’ is starting for you and it will bring mixed results. Some family tension and problems
with family members can arise but you will handle them with your efforts. Your income can
increase. You will be able to maintain good relation not only with your spouse but also with your
inlaws. Think well before investing your money.

Saturn will transit in the first house of your horoscope. This year second phase of Saturn’s
‘sadhesati’ is starting for you and you will be seen working very hard in your workplace. Also,
the more you will work the better results you will get. Your personality will be developed. Your
siblings will be with you but their health may be affected. Your marital life may get affected due
to Saturn’s transit so you should try to maintain harmony with your spouse.

Saturn will transit in the twelfth house of your horoscope and saturns ‘sadhesati’ is starting. You
need to pay attention on your health. Sprain in foot, fracture or pain in heels can happens. Health
problems related to eyes can also occur. You can be lazy and become more sleepy but you
should try to focus on your work. Unnecessary expenses will occur and you can spend money in
legal works too. This is the best time for a foreign trip.