Celebrating Holi 2023

Holi is a festival of colors in which people apply gulaal or color on the face of each other. It is a vibrant festival when Indians all over the world play with colors and distribute sweets to families and society. The day of Holi falls on Purnima tithi or full Moon day in Phalguna month. It is believed that the hard season of winter ends on the day of Holi and the pleasant spring starts. Delicious food is cooked and consumed on Holi. Holi is a big festival for Indians.

When Will Holi Be Celebrated
The Purnima tithi starts on Monday 6th March from 4:20 PM and will end on 7th March at 6:13 PM.
Holika Dahan would be celebrated on 7th march 2. The best time for Holika Dahan or Chhoti Holi is 6:24 to 8:51 PM.
The festival of colors Holi would be celebrated on the 8th of March, 2023. The day falls on Wednesday.

Importance Of Holi
Holi is one of the main festivals of Hindus that is celebrated in India with great fervor and excitement. The tradition of celebrating Holi is very old and it is mentioned in old texts and Puranas. There is great significance of Holi in the Hindu religion. It is a festival that has deep cultural roots for Indians. It is a day when a new period or era is believed to start. The tales of mythology state that human beings came into existence on this day. According to another tale or belief, Kamdev was born on this day. It is also the day when Lord Vishnu saved his devotee Prahlad from the clutches of his father Hiranyakashipu as Narasimha incarnation. Hiranyakashipu tortured his son Prahlad who was a worshipper of Vishnu Bhagwan and was killed by Lord Vishnu on the day of Holi.
According to ancient mythological tales, Holi was a favorite festival of Lord Krishna. The day is celebrated for forty days till today in the modern age in the region of Braj. It is also a favorite festival of the people of Mathura, which is the hometown of Lord Krishna. In Indian tradition, it is believed that Holi has importance in our lives as it marks the victory of goodness or auspiciousness over bad or inauspicious. People forget their enmity and mutual disputes on this day and embrace each other. As far as the religious importance of Holi is concerned, it is believed that the day of Holika Dahan destroys negative energies from the life of people. The environment starts becoming more positive from this day. A bonfire of tree branches, leaves, and cow dung is lit in the evening and night of Holika Dahan. A pyre is made and lit with fire. People of the household and society gather around the bonfire. They sing songs and dance in the festivity. Payers are offered to God mainly Lord Vishnu. People seek the blessings of God when they do Holika Dahan.

How To Do Puja On Holi

The puja of Holi is done on the day of Holika Dahan, a day before you play Holi with colors.
Collect some branches, twigs, and leaves of a tree. All these things should be dry. Take some cow dung cakes. Gather these items at a chauraha or a place where roads intersect each other. Start collecting these things from the day of Basant Panchami.
Prepare Holika for these things one day before Holi on Holika Dahan. Keep yourself facing toward the north or east direction. Do Pooja or Ganesh Bhagwan and Maa Gauri. Chant the Holi mantra and take circles of Holika.
You can cook the grains of wheat on the fire. Distribute them as Prasad after the pooja.
Offer 4 Badkulla mala or garlands to your forefathers and God.
Encircle Holika or do parikrama 3-7 times. Put raw thread or yarn encircling the Holika and do parikrama. Offer the worship materials, agarbatti, flowers, and water to the Holika.

Holi Remedies

Put 4 wicks made of cotton in a diya or lamp. Pour some mustard oil into the diya and place it in the front door. Do pooja of this diya. This will help in making your family happy and prosperous. It will remove difficulties and negativity from your family.
If you are facing a problem in your professional life, do Shivling pooja. For this, Do Abhishek of twenty-one Gomti Chakra. Perform this remedy during the night on the day before Holi on Holika Dahan. It will help you in achieving success at work.
Giving food to poor and needy people at the festival of Holi will help in getting your desires fulfilled.
If you are facing problems in your life due to the adverse effect of Rahu, you can do a remedy on Holi. Pour a little amount of linseed oil into an empty coconut shell. Add gur or jaggery. Burn the coconut in a fire. This is the best remedy for fighting the ill effects of Rahu.
Color your front door by applying a gulaal on it. place a double-faced diya on the door. It will help in making your family happy and wealthy.

Choosing Holi Colors According To Your Zodiac Sign

Aries & Scorpio
The ruler of your zodiac sign is Mars so you should play Holi with red color. You can also play Holi with pink color. Shades of red can also be used on Holi.

Taurus & Libra
Venus is the ruler of your zodiac sign so you should play Holi with white color. You can also use pink color. The other color for your zodiac sign is silver.

Virgo & Gemini
Green is the color of Mercury, which rules over your zodiac sign so you can use green color. The other colors for you are yellow and orange. Virgo and Gemini people can play Holi with light pink color.

Capricorn & Aquarius
The planet Saturn rules over your zodiac sign so you should play Holi with blue color. You can also play Holi with green color.

Sagittarius & Pisces
The planet Jupiter is the ruler of your zodiac sign so you can use yellow gulaal on the day of Holi. You can also use orange gulaal.

Moon rules over your zodiac sign so use white color to play Holi. If you want to play Holi with other colors, you should mix curd with the color and play Holi. The other thing that you can mix with the color is milk.

Sun rules over your zodiac sign so use red or orange gulaal. You can also use yellow color on this day.