How to do Navratri Poojan at home & Effect of Chaitra Navtratri 2023 on 12 sunsigns

How to do Navratri Poojan at home

There are seven easy steps to do Navratri Poojan at home through which you can easily please Goddess Durga. Let’s know how to do Poojan easily –

Placement of the Goddess Deity

The first thing you should do is placing the Goddess deity in a special manner for everyday poojan for nine days. Set a deity of Ma durga over a wooden chowki or a picture if you don’t have a deity. Place a clay pot nearby (preferably in the left side of the deity) over a plate full of grains (rice or wheat).

Chowki sthapna –

Take a holy wooden chowki and spread a new red cloth on it. Make an auspicious chowk (holy design for religious purpose) with wheat flour on it. Keep a few rice grains in the centre of the chowk and place the deity of the goddess over it.

Establishment of Kalash –

Fill the clay pot with fresh water and place five leaves of mango tree in a flower shape over the clay pot in the manner that the stems should be dipped in the water. This is called ghat sthapna which will remain the same till nine days. Place an earthern lamp over the leaves and fill it with pure ghee or linseed oil (you can also use vegetable oil as an alternative). Lit a lamp by placing a cotton wick in it.  Worship the lamp with flowers, chandan tilak and keep a coin in it.

This step also includes offering a coconut to the goddess which will remain at the same place for nine day. Take a coconut and roll a pachranga (thread made up of five colors) around it. Keep a coin and a flower over it. Say your prayers and wish to the goddess and keep this coconut beside the deity as offerings.

Worship of Maa durga

The deity you have established needs to be worshipped for activating the religious vibes and positive energy from the deity. For this you should lit an earthern lamp in front of the picture or deity of maa durga. Worship the goddess by applying chandan and roli on the forehead, offering five things – scent, flower, Deepak, incense stick and naivedya.

Everyday puja

All the above mentioned steps are to be done on the first day of navaratri. Further, every day you should follow the normal puja procedure i.e. applying kumkum to the goddess, offering incense sticks, flowers, rice grains, fruits, naivaidya as Prasad. The lamp placed over the kalash can be lit everyday at the time of worship or continuously for 24 x 7 till nine days if you are willing to lit akhand jyoti. You will need to be careful for not allowing the wick to extinguish during navaratri.  Pray to maa durga to bless your family.


Decorate a thali by making a swastik sign with roli in the center of the thali. Lit an earthern lamp for aarti and keep it on the thali . invite the deep jyoti i.e. lamp’s light by applying kumkum in the earthern lamp, keeping a flower, a few rice grains and a coin in it. Carry the thali in one hand and a bell in another. Sing aarti and jingle the bells, roll the thali with earthern lamps in front of the deity in the shape of ‘om’ and offer Prasad to all family members after puja.

Invite and feed the goddess

The last day of navaratri is equally important to the first day. Invite nine kanyas i.e. girls between age of 3 years to 12 years and worship them by applying kumkum on their forehead and red color on their feet. Feed them with delicious pure food prepared specially for them. Kanyas are called as goddesses and this procedure is called as kanya puja. Offer them gifts, money and fruit after feeding them and touch their feet.

If you want to keep fasting for nine days, you can continue the same with falahaar particulary suggested for navratri. People having fast for nine days can complete their fasting by eating the same food prepared for kanyas on the ninth day after feeding them. The coconut offered to the goddess can be cut and distributed as Prasad in the last day. Deity of the goddess should be worshipped finally and respectfully dipped into the water as a visarjan.  

So, this is how navratri pujan should be done for blessings of the goddess.

Effect of Chaitra Navtratri 2023 on 12 sunsigns

Chaitra Navratri 2023 is commencing from 22nd March 2023. This Navratri is very auspicious for the exclusive unison of planets. Lord sun will remain in Pisces sunsign while Mars will be in Gemini. Mercury in Pisces, Venus in Aries, Saturn in Aquarius and Jupiter will reside in Pisces sunsign. From astrological aspect, all the planets will affect all the sunsigns. Let’s know how this navratri will affect all the 12 sunsigns – 


Pending works from the long time can be accomplished. Your plans will be materialized. Fate will be yours in the field of business and career. Expenditures may increase. Seek advice of experience people before taking important decisions. Your friends and family will support you. Be careful while driving.


New sources of income will arise. Financial condition will be better. Good results will be seen in career and business. You will be happy and mentally calm. New responsibilities in the work field can be given to you, so be prepared. Opportunities of profit in business are there. Navratri will bring good vibes to your marital life. Seasonal change may affect your health adversely. Be careful while using vehicles.


Expenses will be increased. You can plan to change your career or work field. Don’t be hasty for taking decisions in any matter. Stay away from competition in the business field. Be careful from your opponents. Your family will support you. Marital life will be harmonious. Season change may bring adverse effect for your health.


You will handle your responsibilities in the work field and career smartly. Navratri will bring good luck. New business opportunities will arise. You will have harmony with your love partner. Happy moments will be there in your family. Expenses will increase. Some auspicious event may take place in family. Your health will be balanced.


Things will be in your favor in career and work field. Long term problems can be solved. Friends will help you. Your seniors will support you. Some business trip can take place. Stay away from arguments and controversy. You may meet your old friends. Your health will be fine.


In business and work field, things will be harmonious and balanced. Expenditures will rise. New business opportunities will arise but don’t put your head into competitions. Some religious event can be organized in your family. Happy environment in the family will be seen. Marital life will remain happy and your health will be fine. 


 Be very thoughtful and careful while taking decisions regarding career and business. New responsibilities can be given to you in your workplace. Sudden profits can be seen in business. Family will support you. Don’t take decisions in emotional flow. Be careful while driving.


Be careful in your workfield and career. Arguments can occur with your friends. Keep control in your language and temper. Take advice from experienced person while making important decisions. Stay away from controversial situations. Mental stress can trouble you during this period. 


 Keep continence in the field of business and career. Take decision from seniors and experienced people before starting work on new plans. Don’t be emotional while taking decisions in important matters. You may suffer loss if you don’t take decision thoughtfully. Someone in family can be sick. Mental stress can arise. You need to be careful while driving vehicles.


Avoid thinking that other people are responsible for your troubles. Lack of concentration can happen. You need to be very careful from dishonest people. Keep patience and wait for the right time. Chances of some blood related disease are there. Unfortunately, some legal case can be sued over you. Arguments with your seniors in your office can happen. Overall, you need to be very careful.


Financial problems related to business will be resolved; nevertheless you should be thoughtful before doing investments. Joint pain can be troublesome. Don’t be hasty while making decisions and take advice from your elders and experienced ones. Especially don’t mess with strange women. Your friends can increase your problems and you can join a bad company. So be careful. Don’t lose your mental balance. 


Good environment will be seen in the work field. Immotile money can come back. Avoid arguments and controversies. Old matters can be troublesome. Health will be good and you will get relief from chronic diseases. Don’t panic due to financial problem. Income will be average. You may plan some pilgrimage with your family. If you are a student, chances are there to be successful in competitive exams.