The Significance of Wife and Husband Relationship during Pregnancy

When it comes to married life then pregnancy is one of the most vital aspects for both husband and wife, whether it is about having the excitement of welcoming a cute member to the family or pampering all the lovely moments. No matter what the situation is you as a parent always feel a significant change if your relationship during this phase. Apart from physical intimacy, parents also experience emotional imbalance and anxiety both inside and outside. So, it is a topic of concern for wives and husbands when it comes to married life.

This is What Soon to-be-mother experiences at this Phase!

It is evident that the soon-to-be mother is always worried about the scary experience of development changes, and difficulties of labor pains, but also for the care and support, she will get from her partner. While a wife would also experience sex cravings sometimes but is not able to do the same because of her physical condition, she also experiences feelings of insecurity, sudden mood swings, worries about the future and physical hardships that haunt her most of the time.

Similarly, a father also experiences certain changes during Pregnancy:

Together with a soon-to-be-mother, a father expecting a child also experiences the absence of sexual intimacy, and sleepless nights during the pregnancy period. He may experience an effective craving for sex as well as an inability to purely satisfy this urge since a child’s mother is not fully prepared for the same. In this situation, he also faces the fear of being compelled to share the space he held in his partner’s heart with a new member of the family. Even for some fathers’ the baby may come as a wall or a villain challenging his supreme intimacy with his lovely partner. Apart from physical intimacy, other issues may include financial commitments before and after the pregnancy, the hassles of visiting the hospital, and management of the household after the birth of the child.

So, why it is crucial to maintain a balance in your relationship during this life-changing phase?

This is not exaggerating to say that, pregnancy puts an important burden on both father and mother, physically and emotionally. So, it is quite natural that both partners experience significant changes when it comes to their relationship. Beginning from the time of pregnancy, in some families, the relationship takes a U-turn to the worst side of their life. Right from misunderstandings, and harsh comments, to heated arguments, irreparable damages happen that pull them apart. At this phase it is important for them to maintain a good relationship during the pregnancy because life doesn’t end here, there is way more to go.

These are some Quality tips that you can consider for a healthy and Happy Relationship during Pregnancy:

1. Give some quality time to each other for a good conversation
You can share the excitement of planning for the baby’s future or getting the baby as a unit, instead of individual efforts. We know that individual efforts are important, but working as a single unit can help you to build a good relationship both physically and mentally without contradicting the requirements of each Other.

2. There should be no room for arguments
There should be no room for heated arguments, disputes, and disagreements as it may increase worries in your relationship. Just try to understand different aspects of each other & at the same time deliver a healthy conversation, respect your partner’s views and at last have a feeling of give and take.

3. Be Sensitive to emotional and physical needs
While preparing for the arrival of your baby or a new member of your family to be born, the to-be father and mother must not lose their focus on each other. It is quite important for you and your partner to be sensitive to the emotional and physical needs and deliver what is required in an appropriate manner to make the relationship happy.

4. Discover something new

Pregnancy is the most crucial to discover new hobbies, and something new in order to discover what is important in your life as there is way more to travel as a couple in your life. It is important to learn something new to expand your priorities and interests in discovering the needs and welfare of newborn babies without any worries.

What is Important from an Astrological Point of View?
With astrology, the position of the moon during your child’s birth can figure out your baby’s moon sign, which may influence its instincts, emotions, as well as certain other habits. Also, in the same manner, at the time of pregnancy, the position of the moon can significantly influence the emotional state of husband and wife, thus affecting the relationship with an energy field just around them. So, astrology can have a meaningful impact on the relationship during pregnancy through the moon sign.

It is important for the healthy relationship of partners and their future-ready person as it is the phase that can hamper both emotional and physical life and which may lead to irreparable damage, certain misunderstandings and at last end of the relationship. So, be open to communication, support each other during this phase and try to make a good impact on the health of you and your partner during the pregnancy phase.