Saturn Rahu Conjunction; Know About The Dangerous Pishach Yoga In Horoscope

Astrology is all about situation of planets and their conjunctions in various houses of a person’s horoscope. Yoga in horoscope is a situation arises due to conjunction of two or more planets or when a planet is directly in connection with another planet by throwing its ‘drishti’ on it in particular house of the birth chart.  Any yoga in horoscope can have its good and bad effects in the life of the horoscope bearer on the basis of its nature. There are much good and bad yoga formed in the birth chart according to the alliance or conjunction of two planets. Pishacha yoga is one of the evil yoga formed due to conjunction of Saturn and rahu.

Saturn and its nature

According to jyotish shashtra, Saturn is chief justice in Kalyug. This planet holds right to judgement with the person according to its Karma. It means simply, the native in Kalyug will achieve fruits of its own deeds (good or bad) during the dasha of Saturn or any other influence period of Saturn in the life. When achieved blessings of Saturn, one can touch heights of success and praised in the society but when Saturn disfavours someone, the person will suffer alot in this world and struggle becomes the part of everyday life.

Rahu and its nature

Rahu is a quirky planet by nature. In the classification of planets, it is classified as a cruel planet. Also, rahu is known as a planet which creates illusion. The native can trust on wrong people thinking them as his or her well-wishers, tale wrong decisions regarding investment, career and relationship due to illusions when rahu affects the birth chart negatively or when rahu’s dasha is going on in natives birth chart and affect it negatively.   It affects the native for 18 years in mahadasha period. Due to its ’vakri’ motion, it leaves adverse effects on native’s life especially if it is affected by other cruel planets in the horoscope.

Saturn rahu conjunction

Alliance of Saturn and rahu in horoscope anywhere in any house causes many bad effects. In simple words, if Saturn and rahu; both the planets are situated in same house in the natal chart of a person, t causes pishach yoga, also known as dhoort yoga or mandi yoga. This is considered to be a very inauspicious and dangerous yoga in astrology. The native will suffer alot in its life and take decisions which are not favourable to him or her. This adverse planetary conjunction can ruin the native’s entire life. Thus, it is very important to get rid of the negative effects of this yoga.

The native bearing pishach yoga in horoscope holds a clever mind and earns money from wrong ways. It possesses expertise in keeping secrets. Moreover, this yoga makes the native commit bad deeds which are not forgivable.  One should carry out proper rituals of ancestors ‘shraddh’ to treat this yoga. To get rid of the negative effect of pishach yoga, the native should worship Lord Shiva. 

Remedies for treatment of bad effects of rahu

Rahu when holds strong position in horoscope gives a good place to the native in politics. Still the person will be clever, talkative and lier.  The native will be atheist, quarrelsome, addictive. One suffers fatal disease if rahu is situated in its ‘neech rashi’ in the horoscope. For all these highly adverse results of bad rahu, native should do proper solutions for getting rid of rahu’s negative effects.

Remedies for pishach yoga

  • Donate a cow
  • Bear expenses of a girl’s marriage and do ‘kanyadan’
  • Chant ‘beej mantras’ of Saturn and rahu to get rid of their alliance’s negative effects.
  • Get both the ears pierced and wear gold earrings or tops.
  • ‘chhayada n’ is also an effective remedy to treat pishach yoga.

Remember Saturn is the only planet who can control rahu’s bad effects. If you control Saturn from punishing you, rahu’s bad effects can be lessened naturally. The best thing to earn saturn’s blessings is to good deeds. How Saturn will behave with you depends upon your own Karmas. So, pay attention over what you are doing. Also, following daily life tips should be followed to minimise harmful effects of rahu –

  • Keep your bedding and bedroom clean.
  • Remove dust, dirt and spider webs from your home frequently.
  • Don’t keep any unnecessary things which are of no use. Scraps and useless items should not be kept in home.
  • Remove your shoes outside before entering in the house when coming back from anywhere.
  • Try to have your meal in kitchen area only.
  • Don’t keep a non-working clock or watch at home. Give away any extra watch or clock you have or get the battery replaces immediately if the clock has stopped due to dead battery.
  • Get electronic and electrical items repaired immediately if they stop working. Don’t keep any useless or non working machine at home.