The crucial reason behind the changing of an auspicious time for the inaugural ceremony of the “New Parliament Building”

On Sunday, the inaugural ceremony of the new parliament building took place. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated the building in the presence of various religious heads, dignitaries, and political leaders. The ceremony commenced at 7:30 am and concluded at 1:10 pm. Initially, the inaugural ceremony was scheduled to take place at 12 noon on Saturday.

Do you know why the time was suddenly changed? And why is it so important to know?

Well, understanding this requires considering its role in astrology. Astrological readings deal with predicting auspicious times, which are dynamic. One can choose the most suitable and auspicious times at different stages of the day when there are chances of changes in one’s destiny. Thus, an inaugural ceremony of the New Parliament Building performed on Saturday may change the course of one’s life. After taking into account different planetary positions and transits, the astrologer suggests an auspicious time, attaching great importance to the position of the moon.

From an astrological point of view, the timing of an auspicious event like an inauguration is often carefully considered to align with favourable planetary influences. Astrology takes into account the positions and movements of celestial bodies to determine the most suitable Muhurat or timing for an event.

The Decision was taken to Make it More Harmonious

The decision to change the Muhurat timing from 12 noon to 7:30 am could be attributed to various astrological factors. Expert astrologers have analysed the planetary positions and configurations during the originally intended time and determined that the energy and planetary influences at 7:30 am would be more conducive to a successful and harmonious event like the “New Parliament Building Inauguration.” The positioning of beneficial planets, the auspiciousness of the chosen astrological combination at 7:30 am, or even the influence of certain malefic planets present at the original timing, were considered.

Summing up

The decision to change the Muhurat timing of the New Parliament Building Inauguration was ultimately made based on the astrologer’s expertise and analysis, aiming to maximize positive energies and ensure the event’s success according to astrological principles.