Transit of Mars in Cancer: Are you one of those who needs to Balance their emotional energies?

On May 10th, 2023 at around 1:44 pm, Planet Mars will move into Cancer and this will surely impact a few individuals in terms of relationships & careers.

While Mars is in Cancer, it is in a weakened state, despite its friendly relationship with the Moon. This is because Mars is a planet associated with swift action, aggression, motivation, energy, and power. On the other hand, Cancer is ruled by emotions. As a result, Mars struggles to perform well in Cancer as it lacks a natural connection with emotional energy.

Astro experts are much familiar with Mars’ planetary position and if you are one of those who want to more about the transit of Mars in Cancer and how it will impact your life, then let’s have a closer look:


In the 4th house, Mars, who is the Lagna lord, becomes debilitated, thus indicating a negative influence on your emotions and personality. You may find yourself excessively attached or overthinking about loved ones or your partner. Additionally, this weaker Mars will have an impact on your career as it will aspect the 10th house of the sign. You should be careful of your words while speaking with your colleagues or authorities because your intentions could be misunderstood, which may lead to some unfavourable consequences. Aries individuals may face the risk of losing their current jobs.


For Gemini natives, Mars rules the 6th & 11th houses, and its debilitation in the second house results in the formation of “Daridra Yoga”. This transit is likely to affect the financial situation of Gemini individuals. They may find it challenging to maintain their finances and also struggle to save as much as they would like to. Business owners may experience more significant effects as their profits may decline. Those in jobs may also face obstacles in their progress or promotions, thus leading to so much frustration.


Mars governs the 5th as well as 10th houses for Cancer natives, and at this transit, it becomes debilitated in the Lagna. This could cause obstacles in their career & professional life. Additionally, your children’s health may become a concern. It is advised to choose your words carefully and be mindful of their interactions with others.

The debilitated Mars will also directly affect their 7th house of marriage, potentially causing strain in their relationship with their spouse. Cancer natives may experience mood swings & so much anger, which may lead to conflicts with their partner.


Leo Individuals will experience the impact of Mars Transit in Cancer through its ruling of the 4th and 9th houses, as well as its debilitation in the 12th house. This transit may affect your marriage as Mars directly aspects the 7th house of marriage, causing some sort of arguments & temporary problems in the relationship.

For those in business, losses may occur, and those in real estate may struggle with closing deals. Students who are searching for the higher studies may face delays, and your relationship with your father may suffer during this time. Additionally, concerns over your mother’s health may also arise.


In Vedic astrology, Mars is the ruling planet of the second as well as seventh houses for the Libra natives. At this transit period, Mars will be placed in the 10th house of career for the Libra natives. This transit may cause an increment in anger & aggressive behaviour, thus leading to strained relationships with others. Financial difficulties and career setbacks may also be expected.

The pressure from bosses or higher-ups may increase, and even minor mistakes can be pointed out and criticized. This could lead to stress and a feeling of being stuck in your career. It is advisable to be mindful of your words & think before speaking, as any wrong communication could lead to further problems. Keeping a low profile & avoiding confrontations can be beneficial during this period.


Scorpio natives have Mars as the ruling planet of the Lagna, and the 6th house, and it becomes debilitated in the ninth house, which governs religion, father, luck, & higher education. This transit could prove to be particularly difficult for Scorpio individuals who have regular jobs. It may not be an ideal situation for a job change, and if you do so, you may find it challenging to adjust to the new work environment. If you had plans to relocate abroad, you may experience delays, which could lead to frustration & self-doubt.


Pisces natives may experience a negative impact on their personality during Mars’ transit in the 5th house. They could become easily irritable and relationships with their father, children, and romantic partner may suffer. It is crucial to control their temper at the time of this transit.