The Astrology of Paranormal Activity: Are you Experiencing Supernatural Activity?

The phenomenon of hauntings is often rooted in the hidden or suppressed aspects of our deepest feelings, rather than the presence of actual ghosts or poltergeists. It is the power of the unconscious mind that governs otherworldly experiences that people encounter. The influence of the subconscious mind is far more significant than we tend to acknowledge, as well as manifest in unexplained ways in our daily lives.

Astrology associates psychic abilities as well as paranormal encounters with the houses, water signs, and different other aspects, as these are the signs that are believed to function entirely effectively when we are not fully conscious.

The Perspective of Astrology on Psychological Actions

According to some astrological preferences, it is possible that our energy can leave some footprints on the environment even after we’re gone, and the past can leave a lasting psychological impact. Also, the Astrology of Karma & Transformation, with the presence of water houses in astrology is connected with the past, conditioned responses that have become instinctive & operate through emotions.

Exploring Interesting Water Houses Linked with Paranormal Activities in Astrology

The water houses of the natal chart have always been a fascinating subject for researchers, however, they are most challenging to articulate.

4th House

The 4th house, which is associated with origins, home, and history, has been referred to as our greatest personal enigma. It exerts a strong pressure on our emotions, yet it remains hidden, protected, as well as unconscious. Astrologers can gain insight into an individual’s upbringing by examining the planets in this house as it is where powerful emotions are expressed & nurtured. This area of activity establishes an individual’s early emotional connections with the strength of their relationships with their blood relatives. It is also referred to as the underground cellar of human life, because it sits at the very bottom of our birth chart & is concealed from public view, thus making it the ideal depiction of our most intimate selves. This also serves as our sanctuary, where we feel most comfortable & can bring out our emotional state “house” with us, instead of what exactly happens to us in the outside world.

8th House

In Astrology, the 8th house is associated with our inner demons & nightmares. It governs the cyclical nature of growth, birth, and death, which is significant to many of us due to our preoccupation with mortality & life. Apart from this, the 8th house deals with unconsciousness and our hidden thoughts and feelings. This is the place where negative emotions like bitterness, animosity etc. can cause harm. The 8th house also represents the transformative power of sexual union & the merging of sexual energy with the depths of the psyche.

12th House

The watery houses in astrology, as per the experts, represent the unconscious, with the personal unconscious located in the 4th house instead of the collective unconscious inside the 12th house. This house also provides us with skills to let go of deep-buried secrets & resolve family problems that have been passed down through our generations. With the strong presence of psychological thoughts in the 12th house, an individual may see the external world as a blank screen onto which the solve information of the subconscious is superimposed. In case we are not skilled at purely understanding the contents of our subconscious, then we may face a terrifying experience. Life can be considered a conscious dream where we filter as well as process our unconscious thoughts. This house contains all of humanity’s experience & potential, along with the instincts, desires, & last but not the least spiritual yearnings. Your dreams can act as guides.

While the 8th house in Astrology is purely associated with a merger of two individuals, the other hand, 12th house in Astrology is well connected to dissolving boundaries and issues with the rest of nature. 12th house governs establishments in association with your mental & physical illness, along with wrongdoing and immorality, all of which can be a symbolic representation of a sick or distressed soul. Your sorrow, defeat and undoing, are also showcased by this house with spiritual renewal, empathy and forgiveness can also occur.

Connection of These Three Houses to each Other: 

All these water houses are not just places of hauntings, however, they are also crucial locations for spiritual work & love, thus requiring emotional labour to confront our inner selves. They may offer a gateway to the unconscious with an ability to reach higher levels of existence.

Mainly These 5 Signs are Well Attracted towards Paranormal Things:


Always searching for something new with a unique experience, Aquarians mainly enjoy discussing spooky stories, cozy bonfire nights, and paranormal phenomena with their relatives or friends without any fear.


Gemini Individuals also love to share interesting stories, like those involving any supernatural activity, however, they may not believe in such things, but their curiosity can drive them to learn more and more about the same.


Pisceans are more fascinated by paranormal activities & often daydream about spirits, ghosts, and different other supernatural beings. Also, they enjoy learning about these things and exploring the topics associated with the same.


Leos are so much attracted towards black magic & paranormal activities with a strong belief in such things. They always try to learn more and more about the powers linked with black magic.


Librans are better known for their love of elegance & beauty, and this thing may extend their fascination to supernatural activities. They are particularly drawn to magic and fairies and love to learn more and more about this topic.