Methods For Conceiving a Child Through Astrological Solutions

Motherhood is one of the most beautiful experiences for women & families all over the world. It is natural for people to protect their genes & continue their lineage as desired. Children bring immense joy & fulfilment to parents. But, some couples face issues in terms of conceiving a child. These difficulties can be due to multiple reasons, including medical or health problems. Sometimes, the causes remain unknown. Some women struggle to conceive or experience multiple miscarriages, thus leading to childlessness. Childlessness for a woman can become a source of mental trauma, especially in Indian societies as the pressure of having a child is very high from the in-law’s side. She is blamed as well as ill-treated thereby her trauma is increased. Also, the absence of fertility or other medical factors or even the loss of children at the time of young age can lead to no child in the family.

At this crucial time, astrology can offer potential solutions and through this astrologers can perfectly analyse astrological combinations as well as identify the main reasons for infertility in couples. Childlessness in astrology is a speciality & Astrology can deliver solutions to the problems faced by husband & wife.

Few Astrological Reasons Behind Childlessness

Childlessness can occur because of various factors, and one of the central reasons is the affliction to your 5th House in astrology. Also, the 9th House in a man’s birth chart can showcase his capability to have children. In order to figure out the fertility as well as procreation potential of a couple, the 7th House is also examined. In case the planet Jupiter, which is also known as the Putra-karaka, is afflicted, then it can hinder the chances of having children. So, a deep analysis of the strengths & weaknesses of the both 5th & 9th Houses, with their respective lords, and at last the condition of Jupiter is absolutely important in terms of assessing the likelihood of having offspring. Apart from this, studying the 5th House as well as planet Jupiter in the birth horoscope, can give better predictions or possibilities of having a child. The 5th House represents past good deeds with Punyas and this reflects the consequences of your past actions. Any presence of healthy children suggests the presence of positive past actions & deeds.

Planetary Situations for a No-Child Astrology

Multiple planetary positions are responsible for the childlessness with a range of factors considered like fertility & different other biological factors:

  • If the 5th House as well as its associated Lord are surrounded by malefic planets, or if the karaka Jupiter is negatively influenced, it may lead to child loss.
  • When the lords of the 6th, 8th, or 12th Houses are in conjunction with the 5th lord, or when there is a lack of auspicious aspect or conjunction.
  • Sun & Venus in conjunction with the 5th lord.
  • The 5th lord is malefic as well as located in the 12th house from the Ascendant.
  • Ketu positioned in the 5th House from the Ascendant or in conjunction with the 5th lord.
  • Placement of the Moon & Jupiter in auspicious houses or the lords of the 5th House from the birth ascendant with the Moon Lagna being in auspicious houses.
  • Affliction to the lords of the 1st, 5th, & 7th Houses, as well as Jupiter, through aspects or conjunctions with malefic planets, may also result in a similar condition.
  • A weak 5th lord without auspicious aspects as well as the presence of an auspicious planet in the 5th House.
  • Any Conjunction of the 5th House Lord and Jupiter with Mars.
  • The 5th House being aspected by Mars & Saturn. Also, if the weak lord of the 2nd or 7th House resides in the Fifth House.
  • Any Conjunction of the 5th House Lord with Mars and/or Rahu.
  • Presence of an auspicious planet in the 1st House, with the 1st lord in the 5th House, and the 5th lord in conjunction with the 3rd lord, while the Moon is in the Fourth House.

Scorpions, Virgos, Taurus’s, as well as Leos are considered to be infertile signs. As per the Indian Vedic astrology, if the Saturn is positioned in the 12th house, it can prevent Sagittarius Ascendants from having children. The similar kind of principle applies to the individuals with Cancer as their Ascendant and Saturn both placed in the 12th house. As per the astrological point of view, Sagittarius & Cancer Ascendants are believed to have Mars as the Lord of the Fifth house.

Responsible Yoga for a No Child

The possibility of having children is mainly influenced by varieties of factors, and one of them is the presence of Napunsaka-Yoga in your birth chart. As per the Brihat Parasara Hora, if the Moon, as well as Venus, are located in the Ascendant along with Mars or Saturn, and the 5th House is influenced by an auspicious planet in a woman’s horoscope, then this situation may create a Yoga of Childlessness.

In the case of a female’s Rashi Chart/Saturn’s Houses in Trimsamsa, if either the Moon or the Ascendant is in Mercury’s Houses, then this indicates infertility. The occurrence of Napunsaka-Yoga on the basis of Brihat Jataka, happens when the Moon is positioned in an even sign while the Sun is in an odd sign, and they are mutually affecting each other.

Certain Astrological Remedies for Progeny:

One of the first steps is to get the detail of your birth chart (both male and female) and then reasons can be identified in order to determine the root cause. You will have to go through some precautions or Vedic remedies in order to overcome childlessness or infertility problems.

  1. The Importance of Pancham Bhav:

The 5th house, known as the ‘PanchamBhav’ in the horoscope, plays a crucial role in determining the possibility of conception. If the ‘PanchamBhav’ indicates a negative outcome, a skilled Vedic astrologer will recommend specific rituals to address the issue. They will assess the ‘Lagna’ (ascendant) and ‘Lagnesh’ (ruler of the ascendant) of both the husband and wife and suggest remedies to overcome the problem. In some cases, when analyzing the birth charts (‘Kundlis’), the husband’s chart may indicate an 80% chance of having a child while the wife’s chart may show only a 20% chance, or vice versa. In such situations, remedies are devised to strengthen the weaker chart. By diligently following the astrologer’s advice, the ‘PanchamBhav’ starts favoring conception, and the couple is blessed with a baby.

  1. Going Through Alternative Solutions:

However, if despite all the astrological efforts, natural conception is not favoured by the ‘PanchamBhav,’ it is recommended to explore alternative methods such as ZIFT (Zygote Intrafallopian Transfer), IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), or GIFT (Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer). Even for these artificial means, it is advised to consider an astrological overview, as the selection of auspicious dates and timings for undergoing these procedures can be significant.

  1. Adoption:

Sometimes, there may be adverse effects on the family dynamics after conception through artificial methods, leading to disappointment. In such cases, adoption is suggested as an alternative path to expanding the family.