Karwa Chauth after 46 years

Rare planetary position occurring on Karwa Chauth after 46 years

Karwa chauth is one of the most awaited festivals among hindu couples. Women keep fast without taking water and food whole day on karwa chauth with wish of long life for their husband while men bring lovely gifts for their wife. Many men also stay fasting for their wives on this auspicious day. The festival itself is very holy and day of importance in hindu religion but this year, karwa chauth on 13th October will bring special and rare astrological yogas. The planetary position is enhancing the importance of karwa chauth.

Auspicious combination of planets

After a long period of 46 years, a very good combination of planetary position is about to occur which will bring positive impact on married women’s life.  Actually, there are three good yogas to occur on this day i.e. sarwarth siddhi yog, budhaditya yog and mahalaxmi yog.

Karwa chauth is occurring on 13th October 2022, Thursday. Thursday is considered to be the day of lord brahaspati (Jupiter). Also, Jupiter will be on its own sunsign Pisces on this day. Lastly, this kind of planetary situation occurred on 23rd October 1975.

Jupiter is known as the god of marital life. It plays an important role in the life of married people. Good effect of Jupiter brings happy married life and good fortune for married couples.

Planetary position on karwa chauth

Saturn is situated in its own sunsign Capricorn along with Jupiter and moon is situated in its uchh rashi (highest sunsign), Taurus. On the other hand, mercury and Venus are situated in virgo sunsign while mars is situated in its own constellation. Karwa chauth is occurring on rohini nakshatra this year. The situation of planets and stars will also be impactful on worshippers. According to Astrology as per Anirudh Kumar Mishra, worshipping the lord moon on this auspicious day and on rohini nakshatra will fulfill women’s wish of long life of their husband.


Solutions to strengthen Jupiter on karwa chauth

  1. For happy marital life, one needs to strengthen Jupiter. After many years, karwa chauth is occurring on Thursday. As karwa chauth is a festival affiliated to marital life and it’s occurring on Thursday (the day committed to Lord Jupiter), this year the festival is going to be very special from astrological and religious point of view.
  2. People with weak Jupiter on horoscope can strengthen Jupiter on this day by just this small astrological tip. The couple needs to worship goddess Lakshmi and Vishnu together on this day. Offer yellow flowers, fruits and cloth to Lord Vishnu.
  3. Chanting “Om brim brahaspatye namah” together 108 times for compatibility between husband and wife. This will bring blessings of Lord Jupiter for the couple.

So, this is how you can celebrate karwa chauth in a special manner and enhance love in your marriage.