This month will not be very energetic for the natives of Aries Moon Sign. A cold nature in behaviour will surround you, and a blanket of laziness will stop you from doing many important tasks. You will have to shun laziness and concentrate on your work wholeheartedly to finish it well within deadline. Do not live under any illusion and make exchange of money with a great caution. It will be a good idea to postpone the journeys that are not urgently needed to be undertaken. August looks very good for people having their own business. People with job will have to toil more, but success, though may not expectations, will come your way. Conversations related to marriage will culminate in success. Arrival of a new member in family will make the mood very good. Do not let sourness creep into marital life. If issues can be sorted out by you, do not hesitate in taking initiatives. In the end of the month, a lot of caution is needed in almost every aspect of life otherwise you will have to bear losses. The good thing in this month is that by the virtue of the courage you possess, you will be able to face highly adverse conditions and turn them somewhat into your favour. Chances are that you will receive prize from a prestigious organization or society. Health of mother will be troubled due to stomach or bone related issues. Children will feel frustrated due to no success in their attempts. Stand by them even if their behaviour is stubborn.  


The month of August will bring mixed results for the natives of Taurus Moon Sign. The first some days be a little bit disappointing. But as the month passes, you will start getting support from the government and the decisions taken by you will be appreciated. In the beginning of the month. beware of hidden enemies. People will even try to steal credits of your hard work at workplace, and will make your seniors believe their words. So, there will be initial disappointment from seniors too, which will fade with passage of the month. If you have been thinking to apply for a job with the government, then this month will provide you with ample opportunities. family life will be improved and some health issues, for which surgery is expected, will get resolved from medicinal help only. There can be intermittent disputes with parents but planetary positions indicates that nothing will go beyond control. Take utmost care in food and keep sleeping pattern proper otherwise some health issues will trouble you by the mid of the month. You will be dominant upon your enemies after mid-month. Many opportunities of growth will be seen, and your savings will also see an increase. Marital life disputes will see unexpected solution from third week, and you will be able to spend quality time with your partner thereafter. Friends will try to influence affairs which will create uplifts between you and your partner, so it is advised to not disclose any confidential issue to friends in hope of a resolution.


In this month, these people will have to be very cautious on health issues otherwise they will be prone to some small diseases. Despite stress, the improved transit will bring a considerable speed in the progress of your work wit the start of this year. Much of the work that you have not been able to complete since past some time will see good progress in August. Seniors will be indifferent, but will not hamper your projects. Juniors will try to cooperate in best manner. Make sure to fully use the resources available from superiors which will come handy in your tasks. In this month, neither lend money to anyone nor borrow from anyone because money lent will not come back and you will find hardships in returning the money you borrow. Make sure that you do not fall prey to any conspiracy. Finance, otherwise, will be decent in this month and the expenses will be in control. You have to take care while sitting in vehicles. For getting success, maintaining courage is the requirement whose result will be visible by the third week. If any competition related to education is concerned, you will get success in it. Personal life will be monotonous in this month. Family members will understand your professional commitments and will not disturb you in pursuing them. Spouse will take initiatives to support you, and an advice from them will come very handy. Responsibilities related to children will be completed owing to your strenuous efforts.


There will be somewhat adverse conditions from beginning to the middle of the month. So, keep distance from unnecessary arguments which will hamper your career. But transit in the eighth month of the year will instill courage in your behaviour. Keeping control on your emotions and insistence will greatly help in sealing business or professional deals into your favour. Documents at workplace can be misplaced, so not forget where you keep them, and keep them locked. Do not speak harshly to anyone, even though inadvertently, because it will bring problems to you. When you feel situations turning into your favour around middle of the month, only then think to start any new venture. Transit indicates that you can finalize purchase of a new built up property. You can also invest in real estate according to Yogas forming in this month. You will feel yourself inclined to spirituality and will engage yourself on some donations which will give peace to your mind. Make sure that you drink clean water this month as stomach problems arising due to contaminated water look to trouble you. Health of parents will also be worrisome and you will have to devote money as well as finance in it. Beware of pickpockets and robbers who can cause you substantial harm in this month. Marital life will be troubled in third week due to stubborn behaviour of partner. Long time affairs will convert into marriage, and newly formed friends will be very cooperative.


The month of August will bring with itself some family conflicts and stress. It can destroy the mental peace. Despite efforts, the conflict will not get subdued in first week of the month. But all this condition will see improvement thereafter. Do not try to take or give loan in this month, and do not believe too much on any outsider. The betrayal (or breach or trust) will hurt you harder. Make sure that your goods are not stolen during journeys. Professional journeys will be tiring but not disappointing. You can plan to buy a property in this month for family. Siblings will be happy in their own family life. Improvement in transit after Sankranti of Sun in middle of the month will bring enormous changes which will help your efforts meet success. So, it is highly advised that you keep making efforts even if they do not yield results in the beginning. The luck is extremely favourable to the natives having Leo Moon Sign after mid of the month. Many long standing litigation will get decided in your favour and you will certainly trump over your enemies in this period. Your health will see a great improvement, and many diseases which have been troubling you will get reduced. But once you reach middle of the month, you need to keep a check on the harshness in your speech while speaking to your spouse otherwise unnecessary arguments will bring unwarranted differences in marital life. You will buy a lot of gifts for giving pleasant surprises in affair.


August will bring a strange turn of events for you when you will find out people who were trying to pull you down previously. This will be prominently observed at your work front. Juniors will be less cooperative, but seniors will not only advice but will set things correct using their influence. Long journeys will give birth to new friendships some of which go a long way in life. In the matters of litigation, it is advised that you do out-of-court settlement and have complete mental satisfaction. The behaviour of parents will be satisfying but make sure to not have any difference of opinions with elders siblings – it will take an inflated form in a very short time. Newly married couples trying for child birth will get success. Very likely, Virgo natives will also plan a foreign travel or a pilgrimage. A little bit of struggle will be needed to finish projects in time. This struggle will immensely help in improving financial condition. Patient use of brain will augment the intensity of fruits of attempts you make and savings can be increased by proper planning. Mental peace in the end of the month will help you accomplish many other works. A lot of cold and cough will trouble health of many family members.


At workplace, this month will deman you to maintain cordial relations with senior officers otherwise their ignorance will hamper the chances of promotion. In business too, do not bring personal feelings otherwise you will suffer betrayal. Good time for signing new contracts, and a new opportunity will all of a sudden knock your door. This month will be full of struggle but for natives those who do it with heart will also get success. The sources of income will drop. The sources you would want to try will stop seeming lucrative as soon as you put hands on it. The income of spouse will be very supportive to you, as such, give equal importance to their advice as it will help you swim out of the turbulent sea of problems. You will face problems in transfer or promotion which will stop it at the final stage. If you are a student, then you will have to work very hard to get good marks. Eye related problems will trouble you and do not take them lightly. A proper medication alone will help you recover from them. Health of father will also suffer from knee or backbone related issues. There will be initial difference of opinion from sibling but as the month passes, it will get patched up and you will enjoy a great relationship with them. This month will not be fruitful for love affairs as due to professional workload, you will not be able to devote time to the relationship.